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1. How to use these clues

Listed below are most of the things, interesting locations and main puzzles
in Snowball. Look down the list to find what you want to know about and then
turn to the entries indicated by the bracketed numbers to find out more
about it. Of course, when you do turn to an entry you may find that it gives
a short clue and you have to turn to yet more entries to learn the full


Try to only read the clue entries that you are actually directed to.
Otherwise you may accidentally see solutions to problems that you've not yet
reached in the game. A few red herrings have been mixed in with the real
clues to reduce the risk of this - you won't be referred to them if you use
this clue sheet properly, but reading random entries can be misleading!

These clues are strictly copyright (c) 1984 Level 9 Computing.


 2. Aerosol Paint: where it is (251), details (257).
 3. Airlock: where it is (202), details (326).
 4. Armour: where it is (324), details (218).
 5. Batpack: where it is (247), details (286).
 6. Battery: where it is (247), details (286).
 7. Bed: where it is (336), details (351).
 8. Body: where it is (227), details (242).
 9. Bomb: where it is (250), details (213).
10. Bracelet: where it is (260), details (360).
11. Bubble Helmet: where it is (292), details (375).
12. Bumble Bearing: where it is (268), details (201).
13. Bunch of Keys: where it is (200), details (354).
14. Butler Robot: where it is (350), details (240).
15. Buttons (inside Airlock): details (307).
16. Buttons (inside Elevator): details (296).
17. Button: (inside Snowrail): details (316).
18. Buttons (Mortuary): details (263).
19. Button (Outside Airlock): details (283).
20. Button (Outside Elevator): details (325).
21. Button (Outside Snowrail): details (298).
22. Buttons (Security Door): details (210).
23. Cable (101-way Ribbon): where it is (268), details (201).
24. Can of Paint: where it is (251), details (257).
25. Cat (Catsucker): where is [sic] is (287), details (266)
26. Coffins: where they are (323), details (342).
27. Console: where it is (206), details (294).
28. Control Panel: where it is (402), details (402).
29. Corpse: where it is (227), details (242).
30. Credit Card: where it is (243), details (270).
31. Cup: where it is (318), details (207).
32. Cyladder: where it is (337), details (373).
33. Cylinders: where they are (362), details (230).
34. Dark Glasses: where they are (221), details (203).
35. Debt Card: where it is (243), details (270).
36. Doors: where they are (202), details (246).
37. Dozer: where it is (370), details (389).
38. Drinks Machine: where it is (233), details (207).
39. Dumpy Droid: where it is (254), details (300).
40. Elevator: where it is (339), details (296).
41. Extinguisher: where it is (357), details (374).
42. Flask of Air: where it is (251), details (368).
43. Flute: where it is (243), details (312).
44. Form (Green): where it is (232), details (270).
45. Form (Orange): where it is (232), details (235).
46. Form (Red): where it is (232), details (255).
47. Form (Yellow): where it is (232), details (248).
48. Forest: where it is (219), details (208).
49. Glasses: where they are (221), details (203).
50. Gown: where it is (271), details (225).
51. Green Form: where it is (232), details (270).
52. Green Ticket: where it is (232), details (275).
53. Gun: where it is (212), details (269).
54. Handgun: where it is (212), details (269).
55. Helmet: where it is (292), details (375).
56. Holograms: where they are (224), details (224).
57. Holo-wand: where it is (243), details (273).
58. Hopper: where it is (279), details (313).
59. Hospital Gown: where it is (271), details (225).
60. Indicator Lights: where they are (202), details (345).
61. Janitor Robot: where it is (268), details (363).
62. Kevlar: where it is (202), details (348).
63. Keys: where they are (200), details (354).
64. Lamp: where it is (318), details (333).
65. Lance: where it is (232), details (230).
66. Laser: where it is (244), details 306).
67. LEDs: where it is (215), details (253).
68. Lentil Custard: where it is (364), details (400).
69. Leotard: where it is (260), details (375).
70. Levers: where they are (241), details (241).
71. Lift (Elevator): where it is (339), details (296).
72. Lift (Stacker) where it is (249), details (301).
73. Lights: where they are (202), details (345).
74. Massage Table: where it is (234), details (285).
75. Maxwell Sink: where it is (268), details (201).
76. Mempak: where is it (204), details (295).
77. Nightingales: where they are (328), details (404).
78. Night Watchman: where he is (291), details (322).
79. Nutrimat: where it is (399), details (403).
80. Orange Form: where it is (232), details (235).
81. Paint Can: where it is (214), details (257).
82. Panels: where they are (402), details (402).
83. Peg Warp: where it is (268), details (201).
84. Probe: where it is (215), details (253)
85. Pussy Cat: where it is (287), details (266).
86. Red Form: where they are (232), details (255).
87. Red Ticket: where it is (232), details (297).
88. Revival Machines: where they are (217), details (388).
89. Ribbon Cable: where is [sic] is (268), details (201).
90. Scalpel: where it is (249), details (280).
91. Screen: where it is (281), details (294).
92. Screwdriver: where it is (272), details (317).
93. Security Door: where is [sic] is (274), details (210).
94. Shovel: where it is (359), details (237).
95. Silver Tray: where it is (334), details (306).
96. Slabs: where they are (372), details (278).
97. Snowdozer: where it is (370), details (389).
98. Snowrail: where it is (369), details (338).
99. Spanner: where it is (272), details (311).
100. Stacker Lift: where it is (249), details (301).
101. Stratoglider: where it is (324), details (239).
102. Table: where it is (258), details (398).
103. Thin-walled Tube: where it is (395), details (407).
104. Ticket (Green): where it is (232), details (275).
105. Ticket (Red), where it is (232), details (297).
106. Toolbox: where it is (397), details (412).
107. Trapdoors: where they are (382), details (391).
108. Tray: where it is (334), details (306).
109. Unislime: where it is (335), details (381).
110. Video Viewer: where it is (277), details (295).
111. Viewer: where it is (277), details (295).
112. Waldroid: where it is (376), details (347).
113. Wand: where it is (243), details (273).
114. Web: where it is (205), details (252).
115. Welding Lance: where it is (232), details (230).
116. Yellow Form: where it is (232), details (248).


117. Admin Window: location (232), details (319).
118. Airlocks (Inside): locations (202), details (299).
119. Airlocks (Outside): locations (202), details (304).
120. Archive: location (327), details (236).
121. Base of Web: location (290), details (228).
122. Bays: locations (378), details (211).
123. Blue Mortuary: location (303), details (405).
124. Cell: location (358), details (229).
125. Cocoon: location (340), details (377).
126. Coffin: location (323), details (342).
127. Condo: locations (264), details (226).
128. Console: location (206), details (294).
129. Control Room (Freezer); location (220), details (302).
130. Control Room (Main): location (365), details (418).
131. Control Room (Snowdozer): location (209), details (267).
132. Curving Corridor (between Mortuaries): location (414), details (416).
133. Cylindrical Ledge: location (413), details (417).
134. Docking Bays: locations (378), details (313).
135a. Door (Security Door): location (274), details (210).
135b. Droid Handled Stores Service: location (231), details (319).
136. Eden: location (396), details (415).
137. Elevators (Inside): location (339), details (296).
138. Elevators (Outside): location (339), details (343).
139. Elevator Pit: location (284), details (225).
140. Eridani A: location (361), details (361).
141. Floating in Space: location (261), details (238).
142. Forest: location (219), details (208).
143. Freezer Control: location (220), details (302).
144. Green Mortuary: location (303), details (405).
145. Habidome: location (349), details (379).
146. Hanger: location (259), details (355).
147. Hilton: location (349), details (380).
148. Holograms: location (224), details (224).
149. Hopper: location (279), details (313).
150. Ice-field: location (392), details (408).
151. Ice-shell: location (392), details (408).
152. Jacob's Ladder: location (383), details (394).
153. Junk Heap: location (276), details (384).
154. Library: location (393), details (409).
155. Main Control Room: location (365), details (418).
156. Massage Parlour: location (282), details (285).
157. Massage Table: location (234), details (285).
158. Mortuary Disks: locations (366), details (366).
159. Mortuary (Blue & Green): locations (303), details (405).
160. Observatory: location (305), details (352).
161. Padded Cell: location (358), details (229).
162. Pit (Elevator): location (284), details (225).
163. Pluto: location (265), details (322).
164. PVTs: location (245), details (216).
165. Pylons: locations (315), details (338).
166. Ramp: location (256), details (266).
167. Revival Machine Room: location (217), details (388).
168. Robodome: location (340), details (387).
169. Large Round Room: location (219), details (208).
170. Rubbish Tip: location (276), details (384).
171. Seated at the Console: location (206), details (294).
172. Security Door: location (274), details (210).
173. Shuttle (Snowrail Car): location (369), details (338).
174. Shuttle (Snowrail) Station: location (369), details (338).
175. Snowball 9: location (344), details (262).
176. Snowdozer: location (370), details (389).
177. Snowdozer Control Room: location (209), details (267).
178. Space (Floating or Falling): location (261), details (238).
179. Stores (Droid Handled): location (231), details (385).
180. Stores Window: location (232), details (319).
181. Thin-walled Tube: location (395), details (407).
182. T-junction: location (386b), details (306).
183. Toroidal Walkway: location (341), details (223).
184. Video Archive: location (327), details (236).
185. Web: location (205), details (252).
186. Web Base: location (290), details (228).
187. Wide Ramp: location (256), details (266).
188. Wide Tube: location (353), details (386a).
189. Winch Room: location (346), details (390).
190. Window (Admin): location (232), details (319).
191. Window (Stores): location (232), details (319).

     Other Clues

192. How to reach the main part of the spaceship from the start (371).
193. What the indicator lights mean (222).
194. What is the code to the Security Door in the Habidome (210)?
195. Assembling the space suit (356).
196. Scoring (401).
197. Finishing the game (406).
198. How to carry more (285).


200. Beside the Snowdozer. See (288).
201. One of the "spare parts" the Janitor Robot may need.
202. All over the place.
203. Wear them to protect your eyes when welding
204. In the Video Archive.
205. South of the Docking Bay (the one south of the Wide Tube), and north of
        the Base of the Web.
206. In Freezer Control.
207. Insert the cup into the drinks machine (e.g INSERT CUP) to fill it with
        liquid. Then see (332).
208. Central Habidome room. Holograms simulate a forest. See (273).
209. Enter, or Board, the Snowdozer.
210. Press the right combination of buttons to enter. See (314).
211. Where the crew play Bays' Ball. See also (313).
212. In the Docking Bay, south of the Wide Tube.
213. This has nothing to do with the game.
214. In the Store Room south of the Habidome entrance.
215. Look under the bed.
216. Personal Vehicular Transports. Small, omnipresent (on Earth),
217. North of each elevator on most levels in the Mortuary Disks.
218. Wear it for protection when welding.
219. Down through the Security Door in the Habidome.
220. Down the Cyladder from the Wide Cylinder.
221. In the Observatory.
222. Lights and buttons follow a similar code to resistor values: black = 0,
        brown = 1, red = 2, orange = 3, yellow = 4, green = 5, blue = 6,
        purple = 7, grey = 8 and white = 9. See also (303).
223. A circular path round the centre of each freezer disk - above the 8
        mortuary levels and below the tube that runs through the very centre of
        the disks. It is the "black level" of the disks - see (222).
224. Used as 3D wallpaper in many parts of the spaceship. See also (273).
225. Nothing special.
226. Abbreviation for condominium - wide use has further devalued this term
        and it describes a one-room apartment. Rest accommodation for the duty
227. South of Freezer control, behind the screens.
228. The web anchoring the Freezer Disks in place within the Ice-shell is
        attached to the ice at this point.
229. Prison Accommodation. Pull the machine to escape.
230. Used to weld the Snowdozer.
231. Down the ramp from the Wide Tube. Wear the Necklace, see (309), and the
        robots will probably let you enter.
232. In the Droid Handled Stores.
233. East from the Condo.
234. Down from the Massage Parlour.
235. Give it to the Stores Robot and take the Yellow Form. See also (319).
236. Contains all Human knowledge. Unfortunately you can only get at one
237. Use to dig in the "Snow" of the Ice-field.
238. Fire the gun repeatedly and you will float down and land safely.
239. An unpowdered landing craft for entering the atmosphere of a planet and
        reaching the ground safely. It has no function in this game.
240. Runs away, dropping the tray, when you release it.
241. One lever is in your coffin, pull it to escape. See (289) for the
242. Search it to find useful objects.
243. On the Silver Tray.
244. Guarding the T-junction some way above the Wide Ramp.
245. There are none in this game.
246. Open them by OPEN DOOR. If this fails, EXAMINE BUTTON to see what  to press.
247. In the Video Viewer.
248. Give it to the Admin Robot and take the Green Form. See also (319).
249. In the store room, east of the Massage Parlour.
250. Hidden. Don't bother looking for it.
251. In the store room, south of the Habidome airlock.
252. A maze of strong ropes, anchoring the Freezer Disks inside the
        Ice-shell. Provides a way of reaching the surface from the Docking Bay
        south of the Wide Tube. Moving in a direction where "there's no web"
        leaves you floating in Space and may provide a quicker way down. See
253. Attach to the Janitor Robot. If you have problems, see (410).
254. Wandering all around the Wide Tube etc., in the central part of the
        control module for the Freezer Disks - near the Stores etc.
255. You can take this form without needing authorisation, just give a Red
        Ticket to the Stores Robot. Give it to the Admin Robot to get the
        Orange Form. See also (319).
256. Above Jacob's ladder.
257. Blind the Waldroid with the Aerosol Paint. See (321) for more help.
258. In the Library.
259. Storage for landing craft, see the details of Stratogliders (239). No
        real function in the game.
260. Search the body.
261. Cut the thin-walled tube, or move off the web (in a direction where
        there is no web).
262. Comprises 9 Freezer Disks, see (366), linked into a chain and
        surrounded by a hollow Ice-Shell. This is towed by a fusion-powered
        "engine unit", connected to it by "Jacob's Ladder" - a hollow cylinder
        of immensely tough strands. North is towards the engine unit. The crew
        Habidome is built into the Ice-shell near the southern end, but the
        bulk of the humans on board are hibernating. The main control centre is
        in the engine unit.
263. Press any three buttons to choose the corresponding coffin which will
        slide out onto the slab at the other end of the mortuary. See (310).
264. North of the NW corner of Freezer Control.
265. Living with Micky Mouse.
266. Drop the Cat beside the Ramp to clean it. The cat is a vacuum cleaner!
267. Having mended the Snowdozer, turn the key in here to start it. Then
        leave so it can trundle off to do its work of refuelling the starship.
268. On the Junk Heap.
269. Not a weapon. It's useful if you're ever floating in space, see (238).
270. Give it to the Stores Robot and take the Lance. See also (319).
271. You start off wearing it.
272. In the toolbox.
273. Wave the wand to remove any holograms there may be.
274. South and down from the Habidome entrance.
275. Give this to the Admin Robot (at the south of the Stores) each time you
        want to take a form from him. You will need to hand over a form, too,
        of course. Another ticket will be available from the machine.
276. West of the Droid Handled Stores, behind a wall of crates.
277. On the table.
278. If a coffin is on the slab, see (263), go to it and you can climb up
        onto the coffin and up again to the mortuary on the level above.
279. In the Habidome Docking Bay.
280. Use to cut the thin-walled tube if you like. This leaves you floating
        in space.
281. Visible from the Console in Freezer Control.
282. Down from the Wide Tube.
283. Press it to open the airlock door.
284. Down from the Elevators. There are therefore 9 such pits.
285. Let the table massage you once and it removes the stiffness that
        results from long hibernation, allowing you to carry more. See (74).
286. Use the screwdriver to get at the battery. See (320) for what to do
        with it.
287. SE of the Large Round Room in the Habidome.
288. Dig to locate them. See (94).
289. Pull the lever in the Main Control Room to return the starship to
        automatic pilot.
290. South-most point on the Web.
291. Not in this game!
292. The Janitor gives you this.
293. Good Grief.
294. Sit in the Chair at the console in Freezer Control. Wear the visor. See
295. Insert the Mempak into the Viewer. Examine it.
296. See (222) for button meanings. The elevator travels between the top
        (black) level and the bottom (white) level. The way out is via black
        level. Press the appropriate button for the level you choose. See
297. Give one of these to the Stores robot, each time you visit there.
298. Push the button to call the Snowrail Shuttle so you can enter.
299. Search to find a panel of buttons. See (307).
300. Follow this, especially when it does [sic] down the Cyladder,
301. Indended [sic] for carrying coffins. However, as you can carry coffins
        perfectly OK without, I would leave this alone.
302. Nerve centre for the ten freezer disks, containing many computers and
        instruments. The south wall consists of holographic displays. Sit at
        the console to use the computer.
303. All mortuaries are accessible via the Curving Corridors in the Freezer
        Disks. Green mortuaries are north of the corridors and blue ones are
        south. See (310) for details on how to find a specific mortuary.
304. Press the floor button to open the door.
305. Down from the Large Round Room in the Habidome.
306. Wave the Silver Tray at the T-junction to reflect the Laser's beam back
        on itself. This disables the Laser completely.
307. Press the yellow button to open the door ahead, or the green button to
        open the door behind you.
308. Look at a numbered entry (e.g. LOOK AT 1) and BLINK.
309. Search the body to find it.
310. The code for a coffin is 6 colours for: Freezer Disk, location round
        corridor, level in Freezer Disk, 3-colour coffin "number". Go north
        from the Wide Tube until you reach the correct disk (the last colour
        shown by the Bracelet is that of the disk, by the way). Then into the
        elevator, and press the colour button for the right level. Walk along
        the corridor, looking at the ceiling lights, until they match the first
        3 colours. Then go north if you want a green mortuary, or south for a
        blue one. Then press the three buttons matching the coffin "number".
311. Needed to open the trapdoor above the winch room.
312. Blow (or Play) the flute to shatter the petrol bomb.
313. Entering the Hopper triggers it to jump to the other Docking Bay.
314. Use the Video Viewer to find the code of a crewmember's coffin, see
        (295). Then find that coffin, see (310), and revive the crewmember, see
        (411), who will tell you the code to the Security Door. See (332) too.
315. There are eight of these on the Ice-sheet.
316. Push this to remove the Snowrail Shuttle to the next station.
317. Use it to get the Batpak from the Viewer.
318. In the cupboard, east and north from the Condo.
319. The robot at each window wants the ticket from the diagonally-opposite
        machine before it will do anything. See also (329).
320. Put the Batpak in the Lamp before lighting it.
321. Carry it in something to protect it from the vacuum. See (330).
322. Nothing to do with this game.
323. In mortuaries. See (310) to find a coffin with a particular code.
324. In the Hanger.
325. Press it and the Elevator arrives.
326. See (299) if you're inside one, or (304) if you're outside it.
327. North of the Library.
328. Patrolling the Curving Corridors round the Freezer Disks.
329. You can take the red form without authorisation. Taking any other form,
        or the lance, requires you to first give the appropriate form at the
        window beside it. See (367) too.
330. Use objects (106), closing it tightly.
331. Lights tend to show where you are. See (222).
332. Give a cup of liquid to the crewmember so that she can talk.
333. Light it to see in dark places. If you have problems, see (320).
334. Carried by the butler, NE of the Large Round Room in the Habidome.
335. On the Wide Ramp above Jacob's Ladder.
336. In the Condo.
337. Links the Wide Tube to Freezer Control.
338. The Snowrail shuttle visits 8 stations, each raised up on a pylon. They
        are numbered 1-8, with station 1 being above the base of the Web.
339. Travels between the Toroidal Walkway and Curving Corridors in each
        Freezer Disk.
340. North of the Main Control Room.
341. Press the black button in an Elevator and north, or down from the
        Cylindrical Ledge. There is one round the hub of each Freezer Disk.
342. You start in a coffin, pull the lever to raise the lid so that you can
        leave. Each coffin contains a passenger in hibernation, supplying
        life-support services to keep her alive. Thus, although the journey
        will take around a century, colonists will not age much during the
        trip. To find an individual coffin see (310), or to get any old coffin
        just press any three buttons in a mortuary, see (263). A coffin can be
        used to climb up to the mortuary above, see (278).
343. Press the button to call the elevator.
344. Nearing Eridani A, one of a pair of stars just over 10 light years from
        Earth. Consult an astronomy book to know more.
345. A series of 3 or 4 lights shows where you are. Six lights are a coffin
        number (location + 3 digit code). See (222) for the code.
346. Up from the Elevator.
347. A Waldroid is a slave robot. Its driver stands in a control cocoon,
        making running movements for example, and the Waldroid mirrors her
        movements exactly. Also, whatever the Waldroid sees or hears is relayed
        back to the driver. Thus tourists on Earth who want to go skiing in
        Switzerland, for example, just go along to their local travel agent
        amd [sic] link their cocoon there to a Waldroid on the slopes. This
        eliminates the need for tedious travel. Eventually, it is said,
        everyone will have a control cocoon at home and will never leave their
        habiviron at all. In the game, the Waldroid is being controlled by
        someone else and is blocking your way. See (257) to get rid of it.
348. A very strong and flexible man-made fabric.
349. Below snowrail station 2. See (338).
350. NE of the Large Round Room in the Habidome.
351. A very thin sheet, supported by warm air. Very comfortable. See (215)
        for why it's in the game.
352. Once used to double-check navigation. Now destroyed.
353. From the Thin-walled Tube, head south repeatedly. Press the yellow
        button in the airlock and south again. Or, head north through the
        Docking Bay where the gun starts.
354. Turn the keys in the Snowdozer Control Room to start the Dozer. Then
        leave so that it can trundle off to refuel the Snowball 9.
355. Large warehouse where Stratogliders wait for use in landing on Eden. It
        has no function in the game.
356. The space suit is made up of two parts: a leotard and a bubble helmet.
        Search the body south of the Freezer Control to find the leotard;
        attach the probe, see (215) to find it, to the Janitor Robot and then
        give hnim [sic] the spare part he needs to get the helmet. Wear the
        leotard and helmet to breathe in space. There is only a little air in
        the helmet, see (368) for how to get more.
357. In the engine room, below the Snowdozer Control Room.
358. Near the Stores. Say a magic word to get here. Warning: visiting here
        early in the game can confuse the Snowball instrumentation, see (371).
359. Below snowrail station 4. Near the entrance to Jacob's Ladder. See
360. The lights show where you are in the game. In particular, the last
        colour is that of the Freezer Disk or Snowrail Station where you are.
361. Over 10 light years from Earth.
362. In the Robodome.
363. Mend it for a reward. See (84) and give him what he needs.
364. In the cup when this is filled by the Drinks Machine.
365. South and West from T-junction.
366. The Snowball 9 carries hibernating colonists in Freezer Coffins. These
        coffins are arranged in "mortuaries", 999 per mortuary. In turn, these
        mortuaries are contained within Freezer Disks. Each disk looks like a
        fat LP, rotating slowly to simulate gravity, and is made up from 9
        mortuary levels: 20 mortuaries along a curving corridor on each level.
        The disks are linked by a translucent tube through the hubs, and there
        are 10 of them in all. See (222) for details of the coloured indicator
        lights that you'll need to find your way about.
367. Give the red form to get the orange form, and so on. The order is red,
        orange, yellow, green. Finally, give the green form to get the lance.
        See also (270).
368. Attach the flask to the helmet to refresh your air.
369. Calling at each of the 8 Snowrail stations in turn.
370. Below snowrail station 3. See (338).
371. The following sequence of commands will get you out of the mortuaries,
        and to the main part of the starshsip [sic]: PULL LEVER, OUT, N, PUSH
        RED BUTTON, A, A, S, U, U, wait here until the Nightingale goes past,
        N, OPEN DOOR, N, E, PUSH BUTTON, S, UP or DOWN from the Elevator if you
        wish, PUSH BLACK BUTTON, N, W, W, W, U, S, S, S ... S until you reach an airlock, PRESS YELLOW BUTTON, S, In the Wide Tube. It's up to you from here!
372. At the far end of the mortuary.
373. If you are wearing the Necklace, you can go up or down the Cyladder at
        will. Otherwise, see (39).
374. Press the extinguisher to put out any fire.
375. Part of a space suit. Wear it. See (368) for more air.
376. At the base of Jacob's Ladder, north of the pylon to snowrail station
        4. See (338).
377. This has no function in the game. It's there to control the Waldroid.
        See (347) for general information.
378. One Docking Bay is south of the Wide Tube in the main part of the
        starship. The other is by the Habidome entrance.
379. Crew accomodation. About 5 or 6 crewmembers would normally be on duty
        at a time and this is a rest and recreation area for them.
380. Nick-name for the Habidome. See (379) above.
381. A thick, gelatinous lubricant. See (266) to clean it.
382. In the mortuaries, Elevator and Winch Room. See (391)
383. North of the pylon to snowrail station 4. See (338).
384. Where junk is supposed to be recycled.
385. You're only supposed to enter if wearing the Necklace. See (319) for
        how the burocracy [sic] works.
386a. In effect the centre of the starship.
386b. West of the top of the Wide Ramp.
387. The robot equivalent of the Habidome.
388. Carry a coffin into here and the occupant will be revived.
        Unfortunately, the ordinary colonists panic if you try this - but there
        is one coffin which holds a surviving crewmember and she can be safely
389. Mend the Snowdozer and then start it so that it can resume its task of
        collecting ammonia-ice for use as fuel by the fusion engines of the
        Snowball 9.
390. Use the spanner to open the trapdoor.
391. You can go through these trapdoors, through [sic] see (390) above for
        the one in the Winch room. The others do not need opening.
392. Around the linked freezer disks, see (366). The Snowrail runs round
        inside it.
393. North of the Freezer Control.
394. See (257) to move the Waldroid. The "ladder" is a transport system from
        the Ice-shell to the Engine Unit of the Snowball 9.
395. Joins the hubs of Freezer Disks together.
396. Orbiting Eridani A.
397. In the Elevator Pit nearest to where you start.
398. Can be used to carry things. It floats.
399. In the padded cell.
400. A drinkable liquid. No worse than one of the 20th Century cola drinks!
401. The scoring is 50 points for each of the 20 tasks as follows: Open
        Coffin; Produce New Coffin; Reach Top of Mortuary; Get Massaged; Down
        Cyladder; Use Computer Screen; Use Video Viewer; Fill Cup; Mend Janitor
        Robot; Get the Lance; Revive Crewmember; Learn the Habidome Code; Use
        Snowrail Shuttle; Open Security Door; Mend Snowdozer; Start it; Dispose
        of Waldroid; Clean Ramp; Get Rid of Hijacker; Return the Snowball 9 to
        Automatic Pilot. That's all!
402. In mortuaries. See (222) for light meanings, and press any three
        buttons to produce the corresponding coffin.
403. Pull it.
404. Hide behind the nearest door. They are lethal! Note that they will come
        looking for you in blue mortuaries on white level (where you start),
        but that you are safe in other mortuaries.
405. A store room for 999 "freezer coffins", one of which can be on the slab
        at any time. See (263).
406. Enter the Habidome and collect the contents. Mend and start the
        Snowdozer. Get rid of the Waldroid and climb Jacob's Ladder. Clean and
        climb the ramp. Into the control room, use the flute etc to defeat the
        hijacker and return the Snowball 9 to autopilot.
407. Connects the freezer disks. Head south, repeatedly, to the airlock. Or
        you can maybe cut the tube...
408. Hollow Ice-ball around the freezer disks.
409. Nothing much happens here.
410. Using magic words early in the game can cause problems for you later.
        Start with the sequence in (371) instead.
411. Remember the Revival Rooms? See (388).
412. A container. Open it and look inside. You can put things in it, too.
413. Above the toroidal walkway.
414. There is one of these running completely round each level of each
        Freezer Disk. Use the Elevator to get to them.
415. Planet orbiting Eridani A. "Eden" is derived from "Eridani". It is
        Earth-like and habitable but plays no part in the game.
416. The Nightingales patrol these corridors - go through the nearest door
        if you hear one coming.
417. Part of the tube connecting the Freezer Disks.
418. The only thing that you can control is the position of the lever.
419. The microscope is needed for this.
420. Below snowrail station 6. See (338).