Here are the most important tools/interpreters for playing/analyzing the Level 9 games.


Level 9 interpreter
The portable interpreter for Level 9 games, written by Glen Summers. Available platforms:  Intel (Windows), Amiga and Archimedes.

Written by Pierre Tremblay. With it, you can run Level 9 adventures and also Infocom and Scott Adams adventures, Apple II Eamon games and adventures written with AGT and AdvSys. Macintosh only!

L9Cut 2.5
Paul David Doherty´s L9Cut is a tool that "cuts" a pure A-code game file from an executable. It recognises versions 2-4 and works mostly automatically -- but there is an option to even cut game files it doesn't actually recognise. Note that L9Cut appends two zeros (0x0000) to any game file for identification reasons. C-Source and Intel-Executable available.

L9Dis beta version
An A-Code disassembler: dictionary entries and messages are printed in a
formatted form, but the actual code is simply printed one instruction at a
time. Written by Paul David Doherty.