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 Magik Trilogy

                           S C A P E G H O S T


The  last thing you remember is driving in the car with Sarah on the way to
your  meet  with  the drugs gang. All your undercover work was about to pay
off.  Now  you  find  yourself  standing  by your own grave, with a priest,
mourners  and  a  detective.  One of the policemen there says he's glad the
funeral  is over, this is the part of the work he hates - going to funerals
for  stupid  bastards who get themselves killed and their partner captured.
Another agrees and says that it's only because Mr Severian stumbled on them
dumping  Alan's  body  that the crooks needed a hostage, otherwise the girl
would be dead.

EXAMINE  DETECTIVE;  Severian,  a  new  recruit  to  the  drugs squad. He's
carrying  a matchbook and newspaper. From what he says, talking to himself,
you  realise he's one of the crooks. He set you up and because you're dead,
you're a convenient scapegoat.

No-one suspects what has happened. If you follow him, he pats the vaults on
his way out of the graveyard and mutters:"Who'd think of looking in there".
You realise it's where he stashed the drugs. It's up to you to do something
so  that the crooks can't pick up the drugs that evening to give the police
time to complete their investigations.

EXAM  VAULT;  You  see  a flash of white and inside you see a pile of white
plastic  bags.  EXAM BAGS; the sort you get from high street shops but they
contain narcotics.

After  a  while, a spotlight comes on in the graveyard and the shock of the
lights  sends  you back to your grave. When you recover, Joe Danby turns up
and  offers  to  show you around. He introduces you to the other ghosts and
then asks to walk round with you.

The  first  thing  you must do is to build up your strength. You do this by
picking  up  small,  light  things  to  start with and gradually picking up
heavier  and  heavier items. When you pick up your first thing, Joe says it
won't  be  long before you can lift something worthwhile. You can only pick
up one thing at a time.

Start  with the thistledown, leaf or petal and pick up two of them in total
to start increasing your strength. Then get matchbook and pebble.

Go  towards  the shed area and you will find a dog. It is making odd noises
and  has  something  (a  bone)  stuck in its throat. "PAT DOG" three times,
following it if necessary till it knows you're a friend. "GET BONE".

Go  to  David.  He  is  very  scathing about your lack of abilities to move
things. "PUSH URN"; it moves, David is impressed and says he will help.

The  Willmots  are  arguing  over a wreath which Edna says is hers but Bert
won't  let her have. Go to the faded wreath.  On it is a card showing it is
Edna's. Get the yellow card. Go to your grave, get the white card from your
new  wreath  and  drop  it.  Get  the  yellow card again, put it on the new
wreath.  Try  to  get  the new wreath. You can't but the dog can. Go to the
Willmots  and  "WAIT FOR DOG". Edna says the cards on the wreaths are wrong
but is still happy about it. The Willmots will now help you.

Get  them  all  to  follow  you  and  go to the shed. "EXAM LOCK"; it has a
barrel,  short  lever,  medium lever and long lever. All the levers must be
moved out of the way before the door will open.


They  do  so and the door is now unlocked. Try to pull the rope and the dog
helps.  The  door  opens and the dog enters, grabs the bag of biscuits from
inside as his reward and goes off to eat them.

From talking to Violet before, you know she is afraid to leave her grave in
case  she  can't  find  it  again  because she was blind in life. She wants
something  by  it  to  make a noise. Inside shed, "GET BELL", go to Violet.
"PUT BELL ON BUSH"; it makes a noise so she can now leave her grave.

To  turn  off  the spotlight and enable you to go further south through the
graveyard,  "JOE,  WAIT,  PUSH  BUTTON",  "PUSH BUTTON"; the spotlight goes off.

To  get  rid of the vandals, in the shed "PUSH SWITCH"; the vandals flee as
the light goes on. "PUSH SWITCH" again to turn it off. The colonel will now
follow you.

To  help  Edith, she says she is cursed to remain by her grave till the end
of  time. Joe says you must demonstrate the end of time to her. "GET WATCH"
from  shed,  go to Edith, "PUT WATCH IN VASE"; it breaks thus demonstrating
the end of time! She will now follow you.

Go  to  the  sundial and "JOE, PUSH SUNDIAL", "PUSH SUNDIAL"; it breaks and you  can  get  the  gnomon. Go to the bushes and examine them. You can tell
there's  something  in  there.  "SEARCH  BUSHES"  to  find  a  copy of Time

Go  to  the  stonework  and  examine  it  to see a statue that looks like a
sleeping  man.  "WAKE STATUE"; you hit it and it wakes. It's another ghost,
Alex Pym.

Go  to  the wall which is leaning and "PUSH WALL". Everyone helps. The wall
collapses  and  traps  the  drugs so the dealers can't get them that night,
giving you time to find their hideout and clear your name.


Get 2 of petal/thistledown/leaf +20
Get matchbook +5
Get pebble +5
Get bone +15
Push urn +35 (70/1000)
Help Willmots +50
Get bell +15
Put bell on bush +25 (160/1000)
Push switch to turn on light +50
Put watch in vase +25
Push sundial, get gnomon +5  (240/1000)
Wake statue +25
Push wall +35 (Total 300/1000)

                               PART TWO: HAUNTED HOUSE

You  start  the  next  night  by  your grave, aware of a house north of the
cemetery.  You  must find the gang's hideout. Joe says you can probably now
heat  and cool things and also reach through solid objects. He says he will
come with you to find the crooks.

To  pass the green safely, go to the south green and wait till you see pale
headlights.  Go  south  and north. You now see red tail lights heading away
from you and Joe says it's now safe to cross.

Outside  the  house, Joe says if you concentrate you might be able to bring
back  visions  of what happened. If you "CONCENTRATE" in various locations,
you  will  see  what  happened.  You  see yourself burying something in the
garden, you shooting one of the crooks in the hall, the crooks clearing the
house  and  burning papers in the fireplace, one piece being trapped in the
chimney  shaft,  two  crooks  taking their dead comrade's body upstairs and
returning  without  it and then you being hit and taken from the house. The
visions  leave  you  unsure as to whether or not Sarah, your colleague, was
working with the crooks.

After  your  vision  of you burying something in the herb garden, "DIG" and
you unearth your plastic ID card. Get it and drop it in the hallway.

"EXAMINE DIRECTORY" in the hall to find a bookmark. EXAMINE it; it's an old
envelope  showing the postmark of the village near the crooks' new hideout.
You  can't get it on your own so "JOE, WAIT, GET BOOKMARK", "GET BOOKMARK". Now drop it in hall.

By  the garden is a stream but the water makes you nervous. On the water is
a  branch  and  on  the  branch  is a map. To get the map, "COOL WATER", it
freezes. Get the map, examine it; it shows the crooks' new hideout.

To  get the paper from the chimney, it's too high up to get from inside and
Joe  says  it  might  be  better  to  try from the other side. If you reach
through  the wall from inside, Joe says it must look funny from outside. If
you  reach  through  the wall from the outside (by the ivy), you don't know
where you are reaching. Joe  says  he wonders if he could help. Go back inside, "JOE, WAIT 5, REACH THROUGH  WALL".  Go  back to the ivy and wait till Joe's hand waves through the  wall.  Now  if you "REACH INTO WALL" you know where the chimney is and dislodge  the  paper. Go back to the lounge and get the paper. It shows all the  first  names  of  the  gang - it's a list of their gambling debts. You realise it will help the police find out their full names by narrowing down
their search. Drop paper in hall.

If you try to go upstairs, the ghost of Luke, the crook you killed, attacks
you  and  Joe  saves  you.  To  get  rid of him, you must turn on the light
upstairs  but  not  downstairs  (as that will affect you.) so in hall, "GET
BULB,  DROP  IT,  PUSH  SWITCH";  the  light goes on upstairs and the ghost
screams  and  vanishes.  But  now  the light upstairs stops you going up or
turning  off  the  switch  downstairs.  You must fuse the lights. Go to the
kitchen, "GET BULB, DROP IT, GET FUSE, PUT FOIL IN HOLDER, PUSH SWITCH" and the fuse blows. You can now go upstairs.

In  the  tank in the attic, if you "CONCENTRATE", you see Luke's body being
put  in  the  tank.  You  find  it in the tank and push off the lid in your
panic. Get plug, go to the bathroom. You see a mirror. "THROW PLUG AT MIRROR"; the mirror  breaks, you see an alcove behind. In it is a briefcase. Get it. Joe says  you  have  enough  evidence,  now  you  must  work out how to get the

Drop  all  evidence  in  the hall - the paper, bookmark, briefcase, map and
card. You  have  to  summon  the  fire  service  and  bring the evidence to their
attention  or  they will just kick it out of the way. To do this, go to the
attic  carrying  the  plug and either "FREEZE PLUG TO BODY" or "TIE PLUG TO
BODY".  Get  the socket, go to the clock, "OPEN PANEL, PUT SOCKET IN PANEL, CLOSE  PANEL".  Then  "PUSH  CLOCK"; it falls down the stairs and drags the body  down behind it. Go to kitchen, "PUSH BOTTLE"; whisky vapour fills the room.  "LIGHT VAPOUR, BLOW CURTAINS"; the fire gets a grip, firemen arrive, see the body and realise he was not killed in the fire.

They call the police.

                  SCORING (carrying over 300 from part 1)

Cross green safely +10
Have vision in driveway +20
Have vision in garden, find card +20
Get bookmark +25 (375/1000)
Freeze water, get map +20
Dislodge paper from chimney +20
Get rid of Luke +30 (445/1000)
Blow fuse and go up +10
Find Luke's body +10
Break mirror, get briefcase +20 (485/1000)
Get 3rd bit of evidence to hal +5
Get 4th bit of evidence to hall +5
Get 5th bit of evidence to hall +5
Get body to hall +50
Blow curtains +25
Firemen call police +25 (Total 600/1000)

                                    PART THREE: POLTERGEIST

You  awake  at the start of the third night wondering if you are now strong
enough  to  bend  metal  and manifest to mortals. There is a priest bending
over the grave with two members of the gang, preparing to exorcise you.

Go west so you aren't exorcised. You can't return to your grave either as a
free  spirit  or  by  being  sent  there  by  light as you will be banished

The crooks arrive and say they'll go and get the drugs so follow them. They
collect them, get into the van and it leaves.

It  drives to a farm. They park in a barn and enter the house but you can't
because  of  the  light inside. You realise it's their hideout and that you
must  not  only  help the police get there without being seen but also save
the evidence. You get a hint during the trip about the possibility of power

Near the farm is a shed with a generator and at the back of the farm house,
some  dangerous-looking  connectors with exposed wires. You can't enter the
barn as it's the place you died and the pain drives you back.

Examine  hay  to  find  a  sprayer  and  get  it. Go to connectors and "HIT
CONNECTORS  WITH  SPRAYER"  to short them out. One crook comes out to start the  generator but says it won't give much power. Go into the house and you
realise  you  can  charge things with static and manifest yourself. Examine
the  cupboard  in the hall to see a circuit breaker. "PULL BREAKER" so they
can't put the lights back on properly.

The  gang  are  in  the  kitchen  playing cards. There is a briefcase there
containing drugs and you know you'll need it as evidence.

John goes up to the attic to act as look-out and Sarah is taken down to the
cellar, tied up and gagged.

Follow John to the attic. The window looks out over the countryside and you
know you must distract John so he doesn't see the police. You also know you
must  do  this five times. Don't distract him till you see movement outside
the  window  and  also don't do it straight away as you have to "DRAG" this
bit  out  a bit! If you wait too long, he will spot the police and warn the
others so you must time it so you do it just before he gets suspicious.

At  the  right  time, get bulb and drop it; the darkness and noise frighten
him. Get the broken glass.

Go  down  to the cellar door. You can't carry anything if you float through
the door so wait till Weasel arrives to check on Sarah. Go in when he does,
drop  the  glass and go back to the attic. At the right time, distract John
again - charge the holder so the static makes his hair stand on end.

Go  back  to the cellar. "MANIFEST" so Sarah can see you and hear you, then
"CUT ROPE" using the glass. She goes and puts the hammer on the shelf above
the  door  and  goes  back to her chair, pretending to still be tied up. Go
back  to the door and wait till Weasel arrives again. When he enters, "PUSH
HAMMER"; it hits him.

Sarah comes through. "MANIFEST" again and "SARAH, TIE WEASEL"; she ties him up. Leave and she follows you, bolting the door behind her.

Go  up to the hall and she looks at the cupboard and says she ought to find
somewhere  to hide. "SARAH, GO TO TAXI, DEFLATE TYRES, GO TO CUPBOARD, HIDE IN  IT,  WAIT  20".  She  goes  off  to  do it. You can't deflate the tyres yourself as the taxi is in the barn where you were killed.

Go  back  towards  the  attic  and on the way you see a creaky stair. "PUSH
STAIR"  to  frighten John so long as it's the right time. Go into the attic
and wait for movement outside again, then "BLOW CURTAINS". Wait again until
the  time  is  right  and  "COOL  JOHN"  to  scare  him the fifth time. Now
"MANIFEST";  he  is  petrified  and  fires  his  gun at you. The others run
upstairs  to  see  what's  wrong,  leaving  the  briefcase unguarded in the

Go  back  to  the  hall  and  "MANIFEST".  "SARAH,  E, GET CASE, W, HIDE IN CUPBOARD, WAIT 20". This is because the case is too heavy for you to carry. She goes, does it and returns. The  crooks will now get ready to leave the farm but because the police are now so close, they won't be able to get away, so long as you slow them down a bit more. If you have previously examined John, you know his jacket has a pocket  which  contains the key to the van. Go out to the van and "LET DOWN TYRES".

When  the crooks get to the van, they don't have time to inflate the tyres.
Wait  till John arrives and "BEND KEY".  They don't have time to straighten
it  so  they  make  a  dash for it over the fields where the police capture

Severian and the Professor go to the taxi. When it gets out of the barn, it
is  going  slowly  because  of  the  flat tyres so "GET INTO TAXI". Inside,
"MANIFEST";  you  fight  with  Severian and because the tyres are flat, the
taxi  slides  and  crashes.  The police catch the two of them when they run

The  evidence  is  recovered  and Sarah is safe and so can give evidence to
clear your name.

                SCORING (carrying over 600 from Parts 1&2)

Go west from grave +10
Follow crooks into van +10
Arrive at farm +10
Arrive at connectors +10
Hit connectors with sprayer +20
Enter farm house +10
Pull breaker +20
Get to attic +10 (700/1000)
Drop bulb at right time +20
Enter cellar with glass +10
Charge holder at right time +20
Cut rope +20
Sarah ties Weasel +20
Sarah lets down tyres on taxi +20
Sarah hides in cupboard +20 (820/1000)
Push stair at right time +20
Blow curtains at right time +20
Cool John at right time +20
Sarah gets case and hides +20
Let down tyres on van +10
Police get closer to house +20
Bend key +20
Fight with Severian and finish +50 (1000/1000)

(NOTE: Each time you frighten John, you get 10 points for the action and 10
points for the message about the police movements making a total of 20

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *