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This clue sheet starts with four alphabetical lists of things from
Knight Orc: general hints, objects, creatures and people, and places.
Look down the appropriate list to find what you want to know about; then
turn to the answers corresponding to the bracketed numbers after it.
Note that when words in the answers have capital letters, this usually
means that they can be referenced in turn.

General Hints

2.Beginning: details (932).
3.Escaping from enemies: details (594).
4.Finding things: details (575).
5.Finishing part 1: details (654).
6.Finishing the game: details (975).
7.Fighting: details (837)
8.Game background: see (1009).
9.Joust sequence: details (632).
10.Magic: details (690).
11.Ordering people about: details (918).
12.Power gardening: details (779).
13.Pope: details (683).
14.Scoring: details (832).
15.Spells: details (690).
16.Staying Alive: details (955).
17.Treasure: details (576).


20.Abelmosk: where (600), details (669).
21.Acid: where (724), details (938).
22.Amber: where (712), details (824).
23.Ambrosia: where (516), details (940).
24.Anthill: where (474), details (829).
25.Apple: where (570), details (733).
26.Apple, golden: where (633), details (672).
27.Archway: where (687)  details (931).
28.Armour: where (486), details (957).
29.Axe, Green Knight's: where (351), details (930).
30.Ball and chain: where (377), details (951).
31.Ball, golden: where (633), details (672).
32.Ball-point pen: see (613), then (76).
33.Bar: where (510), details (894).
34.Bed: where (464), details (752).
35.Bedding, silver: where (601), details (660).
36.Beer: where (721), details (764).
37.Belt: where (631), details (710).
38.Billet,  silver: where (601), details (660).
39.Birch, silver: where (601), details (660).
40.Bolts: where (86), details (983).
41.Book: where (199), details (652).
42.Bones: where (828), details (860).
43.Brick, gold: where (46), details (672).
44.Bridge: where (605), details (968).
45.Broadsword: where (757), details (694).
46.Bucket: where (571), details (773).
47.Burger: see (613), then (202).
48.Button: where (21), details (844).
50.Cabinet: where (472), details (934).
51.Candlestick, silver: where (601), details (660).
52.Card: see (639), then (158).
53.Carrier bag: see (613), then (240).
54.Cask: where (510), details (583).
55.Chest: where (478), details (758).
56.Chipboard: see (613), then (89).
57.Circle of blue: see (626), then (212).
58.Cliche: where (736), details (707).
59.Cloak: where (115), details (617).
60.Club: where (313), details (825).
61.Coil of rope: where (693), details (959).
62.Coin, half: where (515), details (843).
63.Comb, gold: where (633), details (672).
64.Container, industrial: see (613), then (547).
65.Cord: where (55), details (710).
66.Crack: where (776), details (914).
67.Crash helmet: see (613), then (141).
68.Crest, gold: where (633), details (672).
69.Crevice: where (776), details (914).
70.Cushion: see (626), then (60).
75.Dagger, in part 1: where (942), details (682).
76.Dagger, later parts: where (961), details (857).
77.Database: see (613), then (41).
78.Deodand: where (678), details (622).
79.Disk, golden: where (633), details (672).
80.Dollar, silver: where (601), details (660).
81.Door, dart-riddled: see (613), then (85).
82.Door, off scarred corridor: where (477), details (933).
83.Door, metal: where (540), details (958).
84.Door, secret: where (463), details (346).
85.Door, termite-riddled: where (547), details (618).
86.Door on bridge: where (465), details (983).
87.Drawbridge, part 1: where (471), detai1s (658).
88.Drawbridge, supported by ropes: where (485), details (729).
89.Driftwood: where (650), details (845).
90.Egg: where (677), details (587).
91.Eye: where (661), details (936).
95.Fence: see (613), then (508).
96.Fibreglass: see (626), then (245).
97.Filofax: see (626), then (290).
98.Filter: see (613), then (22).
99.Finch, gold: where (633), details (672).
100.Finger, gold: where (633), details (672).
101.Fire: where (123), details (947).
102.Fireball: where (661), details (621).
103.Fireplace: where (508), details (123).
104.Fish, silver: where (601), details (660).
105.Fishing rod: where (731), details (809).
106.Flagpole: where (490), details (615).
107.Fleece, golden: where (633), details (672).
108.Fog: see (626), then (21).
109.Fox, silver: where (601), details (660).
110.Fruit: see (626), then (25).
111.Fungus, honey: where (270), details (859).
115.Garbage heap: where (716), details (848).
116.Garlic: where (495), details (685).
117.Gate: where (886), details (952).
118.Gauntlets: where (802), details (993).
119.Ghost, gold: where (633), details (672).
120.Gibbet: where (580), details (615).
121.Glass: where (510), details (935).
122.Gold objects: where (633), details (672).
123.Grate: where (508), details (807).
124.Gravel: see (613), then (499).
125.Gravestone: where (499), details (946).
126.Growbag: see (626), then (172).
130.Hair:where (426), details (710).
131.Half coin: where (515), details (843).
132.Halyard:where (106), details (710).
133.Hare, silver: where (601), details (660).
134.Hat:where (677), details (614).
135.Hatch, inspe~tion: where (476), details (992).
136.Hawser, hessian: where (561), details (710).
137.Head, ho~se's: where (943), details (616).
138.Head, orc's: where (962), details (987).
139.Heart, gold: where (633), details (672).
140.Hedge:where (555), details (808).
141.Helmet:where (411), details (572).
142.Hemidisk: see (613), then (62).
143.Herb:where (677), details (866).
144.Hole, mouse's: where (464), details (973).
145.Holly:where (351), details (610).
146.Hologram: see (626), then (101).
150.Inscription: where (27), details (437).
151.Invisibility potion: where (755), details (917).
152.Ivy: where (471), details (711).
155.Kalevala: where (516), details (763).
156.Key, part 1: where (294), details (758).
157.Key, skeleton: where (507), details (853).
158.Keycard: where (963), details (998).
159.Kinnock: see (626), then (944).
160.Kiosk: where (494), details (997).
161.Knife, kitchen: where (513), details (682).
162.Knife, putty: where (115), details (602).
163.Knitwear: where (330), details (870).
165.Lamp: where (677), details (696).
166.Lance: where (577), details (602).
167.Lassoo: where (370), details (710).
168.Leaf, gold: where (633), details (672).
169.Line, red: where (476), details (978).
170.Line, washing: where (544), details (710).
171.Loaf, silver: where (601), details (660).
172.Loot: where (595), details (686).
173.Lump: see (613), then (195).
175.Map: where (680), details (586).
176.Marrow: where (495), details (863).
177.Mat, welcome: where (561), details (585).
178.Matting: see (626), then (551).
179.Mechanism: see (639), then (225).
180.Medicine: where (802), details (865).
181.Mousehole: where (464), details (973).
182.Monolith: see (613), then (274).
183.Mound: see (626), then (24).
185.Noose: where (120), details (710).
186.Nodule, silver: where (601), details (660).
187.Note, mysterious: where (642), details (760).
188.Note, part 1: where (88), details (815).
189.Nugget, gold: where (633), details (672).
190.Onion: see (626), then (116).
191.Opening in kiosk: where (160), details (997).
195.Panel, wooden: where (518), details (688).
196.Paper, silver: where (601), details  (660).
197.Paper, rolled-up: see (613), then (246).
198.Pebble: where (699), details (847).
199.Pedestal: where (474), details (817).
200.Pen: see (613), then (161).
201.Perch: where (474), details (425).
202.Pie, rat: where (513), details (689).
203.Piece of silver: where (601), details (660).
204.Plant, on wall: see (639), then (247).
205.Plaque: where (525), details (869).
206.Plate, gold: where (633), details (672).
207.Plate, silver: where (601), details (660).
210.Poems: where (640), details (775).
211.Poiqnard: where (942), details (682).
212.Pond: where (492), details (611).
213.Pool of Acid: where (724), details (938).
214.Post: where (516), details (974).
215.Pumice Stone: where (677), details (879).
216.Putty knife: where (115), details (602).
220.Ramp: see (626), then (44).
221.Rapier: where (942), details (682).
222.Recess: where (125), details (946).
223.Reed, good: where (507), details (940).
224.Reins: where (927), details (710).
225.Peprogrammer: where (481), details (995).
226.Ping, in nose: where (138), details' (987).
227.Ping, silvery: where (880), details (796).
228.Robes: where (361), details (623).
229.Pod, golden: where (633), details (672).
230.Roller: where (561), details (751).
231.Room dividers: see (954), theii '981).
232.Rope, bonds: where (787), details (800).
233.Pope, coil: where (693), details (959).
234.Pope, slippery: where (465), details (889).
235.Popes overhead: where (470), details (916).
236.Royal Oak: where (580), details (791).
237.Ruler, golden: where (633), details (672).
240.Sack: where (513), details (705).
241.Saffron robes: where (361), details (623).
242.Salver, silver: where (601), details (660).
243.Scabbard: where (486), details (614).
244.Scaffoldinq: see (613), then (470).
245.Scale: where (595), details (814).
246.Scrolls: where (403), details (734).
247.Sensor: where (487), details (988).
248.Sheet of Fibreglass: see (613), then (245).
249.Shoulder, gold: where (633), details (672).
250.Signposts: where (479), details (888).
251.Silver objects: where (601), details (660).
252.Sixpence, silver: where (601), details (660).
253.Slab: see (626), then (125).
254.Sliver, silver: where (601), details (660).
255.Socket: see (626), then (222).
256.Sovereign, gold: where (633), details (672).
257.Soyaburger: see (613), then (202).
258.Spear: where (727), details (1000).
259.Spoon, silver: where (601), details (660).
260.Standard, gold: where (633), details (672).
261.Star, silver: where (601), details (660).
262.Statue: where (495), details (590).
263.String: see (626), then (234).
270.Table: where (603). details (940).
271.Teapot, silver: where (601), details (660).
272.Tether: where (348), details (710).
273.Thorn hedge: where (555), details (808).
274.Tomb: where (526), details (803).
275.Tonic: where (507), details (180).
276.Tongue, silver: where (601), details (660).
277.Top, silver: where (601), details (660).
278.Trapeze: see (62~), then (201).
279.Tray: where (513), details (615).
280.Tree, apple: where (495), details (570).
281.Tree-trunk: see (613), then (280).
282.Trident: where (677), details (926).
283.Turnstile: wh~re (876), details (811).
285.Ventilator: where (1001), details (1008).
286.Visor: where (818), details (994).
290.Wallet: where (556), details (574).
291.Wallflower: where (596), details (603).
292.War axe: where (351), detetis (930).
293.Washing line: where (236), details (710).
294.Welcot'ie 'nat: where (561), details (585).
295.Wriggly writing: where (684), details (703).

Creatures and People

300.Adolescent: see (769), then (421).
301.Amazon Grace: where (649), details (718).
302.Annihilator:where (641), details (742).
303.Ants:where (24), details (697).
304.Arthur:where (516), details (826).
305.Attila:where (641), details (718).
310.Ball on a string: see (626), then (335).
311.Barrow Wight: where (641), deta~s (717).
312.Boadicea: where (641), details (742).
313.Brainz: where (513), details (813).
314.Brunhilde: where (649), details (742).
315.Chap:see (769), then (379).
316.Crowd:see (577), details (788)
317.Custodian:where (730), details (827).
318.Cutpurse:where (677), details (912).
320.Dame Luck: where (649), details (868).
321.Denzyl:where (641), details (918).
322.Dogs:where (802), details (704).
323.Donkey:where (603), details (912).
324.Dragon:where (925), details (976).
325.Druid:where (492), details (701).
326.Dwarf:where (507), details (912).
330.Elrond: where (755), details (912).
331.Elves: where (755), details (830).
332.Erik Bloodeagle: where (649), details (868).
333.Eye: where (661), details (936).
335.Fireball: where (592), details (621).
336.Fish below bridge: where (653), details (889).
337.Fiend: where (755), details (910).
338.Foxy minx: see (769), then (397).
339.Frog: where (551), details (681).
340.Fungus the boggit-man: where (641), details (868).
345. Genghis:where (641), detai1s (718).
346.Ghost: where (792), details (820).
347.Girl in Jeans: see (769), then (301).
348.Goat: where (473), details (615).
349.Goldberry: where (677), details (924).
350.Green Horse: where (351), details (573).
351.Green Knight: where (493), details (966).
352.Green Sleeves: where (677), details (597).
353.Grindleguts: where (700), details (455).
354.Gripper: where (641), details (718).
355.Grok: where (505), details (770).
356.Guy: see (769), then (449).
360.Heathcliffe: where (649), details (742).
361.Hermit: where (472), details (911).
362.Herne: where (649), details (718).
363.Hobbit: where (755), details (608).
364.Horse, Green: where (351), details (573).
365.Horse, Hunter's: where (370), details (923).
366.Horse, Yours: where (577), details (636).
367.Humanoid Robots: see (613), then (369).
368.Humans: details (996).
369.Humans on the Battlements: where (470), details (977).
370.Hunter: where (479), details (867).
375.Innkeeper: where (510), details (754).
376.Jabberwock:where (677), details (910).
377.Jailor:where (486), details (989).
378.Jeanie II: where (641), details (868).
379.John Doe: where (649), details (~l8).
380.Juggernaut:where (507), details (679).
385.Kid: see (769), then (320)
386.Kitten: where (603), details (578).
387.Knight, Green: where (493), details (966).
388.Knight, Huge: where (577), details (789).
389.Knight in White Satin: where (512), details (584).
390.Kna the ant-warrior: where (641), details (742).
395.Lad: see (769), then (362).
396.Lady, bemused: see (769), then (433).
397.Lady of Shallot: where (649), details (718).
398.Liquidiser: where (649), details (718).
399.Little John: where (641), details (742).
400.Man with a Beard: see (769), then (360).
401.Meistersinger: where (677), details (798).
402.Mighty Flynn: where (641), details (718).
403.Monk: where (530), details (778).
404.Mouse: where (464), details (949).
405.Mrs Wallop: where (641), details (821).
406.Muscleman: where (641), details (742).
407.Nurse: see (613), then (441).
410.Odin:where (641), details (718).
411.Oink:where (523), details (761).
412.Old guy: see (769), then (449).
413.Orcs: where (588), details (881).
414.Owen: where (802), details (666).
415.Pensioner: see (769), then (324).
416.Phantom of the Opera: where (641), details (718)
417.Player: see (700), then (353).
418.Pope Joan: where (641), details (742).
419.Professor Mutter: where (507), details (884).
420.Prophet: where (641), details (718).
421.Prophet of Greater Manchester: where (649), details (742).
422.Puppet: where (603), details (679).
425.Rainbird: where (201), details (579).
426.Rapunzel: where (555), details (668).
430.Sam: where (641), details (718).
431.Schoolboy: see (769), then (430).
432.Sir Cecil: where (577), details (388).
433.Susan: where (921), details (718).
434.Synonym the Wizard: where (641), details (718).
435.Thud the Barbarian: where (649). details (742).
436.Transvestite: where (649), details (638).
437.Troll: where (465), details (968).
438.Tweedledee: where (603), details (833).
440.Uruk: where (641), details (766).
441.Valkyrie: where (664). details (920).
442.Vampire: where (461), details (982).
443.Vidcam on a string: see (613), then (333).
445.Wallop, Mrs: where (641), details (718).
446.Werewolf: where (802), details (906),
447Whippersnapper: see (769), then (332).
448.Wight: where (641), detail  (717).
449.Wily Wizard: where (649), details (742).
450.Wolf: where (641), details (719).
451.Wose: where (507), details (793). where (644), details (919).
456.youngster: see (769), then (435).


460.Bar: where (510), details (894).
461.Barrow: where (580), details (982).
462.Basin of Fog: see (954), then (213).
463.Bedroom, north: where (508), details (635).
464.Bedroom, south: where (508), details (904).
465.Bridge: where (605), details (968).
466.Bullbrook: where (895), details (878).
470.Castle, Crystal: where (606), details (977).
471.Castle, Ugly: where (580), details (999).
472.Cave of Hermit: where (580), details (911).
473.Clearing, part 1: where (580), details (348).
474.Clearing, later: where (606), details (986).
475.Cloud: where (535), details (535).
476.Corridor beyond Exit: where (487), details (978).
477.Corridor, scarred: where (1004), details (933),
478.Courtyard of Castle: where (882), details (1008).
479.Crossroads: where (580), details (902).
480.Cubicle: see (954), then (513).
481.Cupboard: where (971), details (980).
485.Drawbridge: where (702), details (658).
486.Dungeon: where (604), details (980).
487.Exit: where (606), details )10U2(.
490.Fairaround: where (580). details (106).
491.Forest, part 1: where (698), details (706).
492.Forest, part 2: where (606), details (713).
493.Forest lawn: where (580), details (966).
494.Foyer: where (907), details (997).
495.Garden: where (606), details (713).
496.Gate: where (886), details (952).
497.Gibbet: where (580), details (615).
498.Gravel: see (954), then (499).
499.Graveyard: where (606), details (946).
500.Guardroom: where (892), details (915).
505.Headquarters cave: where (667), details (905).
506.Hedge: where (580), details (808).
507.Hole in the ground: where (603), details (802).
508.House: where (606), details (1005).
510.Inn: where (580), details (797).
511.Jousting field: where (872), details (2).
512.Keep: where (882). details (899).
513.Kitchen: where (892), details (915).
515.Lair: where (804), details (980).
516.Lake town: where (953), details (974).
517.Lawn: where (580), details (966).
518.Library:  where (805), details (990).
520.Marsh: where (6060), details (634).
521.Maze where (835) details (691).
522.Mine, salt: where(901), details (991).
523.Mountain:  where (606), details (986).
524.Mouse-hole: where (464), details (973).
525.Mud:where (520)details (634).
526.Necropolis: where (651), details (803).
530.Office in Castle: where (822), details (778).
531.Orc Lair: where (609), details (903).
532.Outcrop of Rock: where (603), details (974).
535.Paradise: see (1006), then (540).
536.Pile of Garbage: where (716), details (848).
537.Pond: where (492), details (611).
540.Repair shed: where (1006), details (971).
541.Repository:where (823), details (581).
542.River: where (891), details (1007).
543.Roof of keep: where (831), details (969).
544.Royal Oak: where (580), details  980).
545.Salt mine: where (901), details (991).
546.Scaffolding: see (954), then (470).
547.Shed in garden:  where (495), details (896).
548.Shed, repair:where (1006), details (971).
549.Stable: where(663). details (2).
550.Study:  where(822), details (967).
551.Swamp:  where(606), details (885).
555.Tower: where (580), details (909).
556.Troll's Lair: where (804), details (980).
557.Tunnels inside Mountain: where (523), details (986).
560.Viaduct: where (580), details (654).
561.Well: where (580), details (582).
562.Woodland glade: where (492), details (713).


570.Shake the Apple Tree. If you still have problems, see (589).
571.In the Well. See (582).
572.Wear it for protection. See (313).
573.Hit it, to trap and temporarily subdue (387).
574.Get this, and keep it, to subdue (437).
575.You should not need to make a map in Knight Orc. If you want to
       find something, enter e.g "FIND HERMIT" or "GO TO CASTLE". To learn
       what important places are worth visiting, see (591) in part 1, or (175) in
       later parts of the game.
576.Objects of great value to humans, who collect them and take them to specified
       places in the game to earn `poinsī. Orcs canīt earn points. See (122) for gold   and (251) for silver.
577.At the very start of the game.
578.Catches the (404).
579.Can be asked about objects, even those far away. Especially the
       (201). Can also be recruited, see (970).
580.In the first part of the game. Once the Joust is over, you can
       use N Go TO place", or "RUN TO place" to get there.
581.Where unused spells are kept. See (10).
582.You need a rope of some kind to climb down. See (593).
583.Protected by the Innkeeper. Of no use, but see (598) for fun.
584.Run away.1
585.Look under it. It's good, thick material, ideal for (612).
586.Lists the important places to visit.
587.Definitely not a chicken's! Return it to the (324).
588.All but you are wandering about in (523).
589.You need help. See (11) and (619) for full details.
590.Something is written underneath. See (599) to see this.
591.From the Fairground, you can see the (471). Go there and (620).
592.Cast the spell of the same name.
593.Tie any of these, e.g the Halyard, to the (230).
594.Don't fight creatures yourself. See (627).
595.Beyond the Dragon in the Mountain.
596.Plant the Seed in the (495).
597.A traditional tune.
598.Try giving it to other people, e.g the (361). Cast fly at it.
599.Cast fly at it.
600.North Africa.
601.Scattered randomly in the second part of the game.
602.A weapon of little use.
603.Not in this game.
604.In the Crystal Castle, south and west of the (213).
605.In part 2, south and west of the Gate.
606.In the second part of the game. Once over the Viaduct, (and
       still wearing you-know-what), you can use "GO TO place", or
       "RUN TO place" to get there. Read (175) to find other places.
607.Throw it at the Hermit.
608.Slice thinly and feed to the Dragon.
609.In the Mountain beyond the Viaduct. See (654).
610.Just scenery, but see (351).
611.Shows the name of the Charisma spell, when (325) arrives.
612.It's useful for reaching the (555).
613.You're in an adventure game and this is one of the objects. Wear
       the visor to see what it looks like 'in character
614.You need help to remove its contents. See (625).
615.Examine it and take what you find.
616.Not needed to complete the game.
617.People don't like orcs much. See (629).
618.It conceals a spell name. See (628).
619.Tell the troll to wait 1 and catch apple. Then shake the tree.
620.Climb the ivy to see everything from the roof.
621.Give it orders. When it hits anything it explodes. See (403).
622.Interesting UK legal term for an animal or object which caused
       someone's death and was, in consequence, forfeit to the crown.
623.Possibly the strangest-ever robes of their colour.
624.Where you start the second part of the game.
625.Give it to someone, then take whatever is inside.
626.See (613).
627.Try getting away by running to a distant place. Or try (637).
628.Close it.
629.Wear it to disguise yourself.
630.Help! I am trapped in an adventure game factory.
631.Worn by the Hermit. TO get it, see (646).
632.There's no way of avoiding this bit of scene-setting, other than
       using restore. The best way through is probably to enter E.E.E and press
       SPACE twice.
633.Scattered randomly in the first part of the game.
634.Where humans drop treasure, to gain points. There is a way to
       block the Slimy Daemon's claw. See (670).
635.There's something funny about this place. See (84).
636.You can't escape it. See (632).
637.Giving someone a treasure can placate them, or cause (647).
638.Some 'female' characters in play-by-phone adventures are not
       played by women at all, with potentially amusing consequences. Hence
       this individual. See (965), then (314)
639.You're in an adventure game and this is one of the objects,
       disguised by your hitech visor which gives everything a magical 'game'
       appearance. This object is intended for use by the game's technicians
       and disguised so players won't cheat. Remove the visor to see what it
       looks like in reality.
640.Connected with the Green Knight and, later, the Inscription.
641.Wandering about in part 1.
642.Hidden in the Shed. See (877).
643.Find what fits. See (222).
644.Surely you know that! Try 'examine me'.
645.Examine it and read what you find. See (658).
646.Get him off guard; looking the other way. See (674).
647.A different fight, when someone else steals it in turn.
648.To discover the secret of perpetual motion, see (671).
649.Wandering about in part 2.
650.At the east end of the Bridge.
651.South of the Graveyard.
652.Read it to learn one new spell, so see (665).
653.Pull the rope, hanging from the Bridge.
654.You need a hundred-foot rope. See (233).
656.Simply cut it.
657.Throw it over an opponent, to immobilize them.
658.Knock safely on the Drawbridge by (675).
660.Treasure. To keep them, see (676). For a use, see (695).
661.Cast the spell of the same name.
662.A weapon. To avoid being stunned, see (141).
663.Beside the Jousting Field.
664.Flying over the land, carrying bodies back through the Gate.
665.Wait until you know 85 many as possible.
666.The worst thing to happen to the Liberals.
667.In the Mountain: east, north and west from the Archway.
668.You need some of her Hair. See (656).
669.Malvaceous evergreen shrub.
670.Cast cold at the (520).
671.To learn about perpetual motion, see (648).
672.Treasure. For a use, see (637).
673.See the clues for the Fire and the Bedrooms.
674.Give him something. Then (659).
675.Throw something at it.
676.It's a good idea to 'hide' treasures in the Sack.
677.Not in this game.
678.In the dictionary.
679.Avoid it at all costs!
680.Owned by Grok. See (692).
681.Kiss it.
682.A weapon. Useful in fighting, I suppose.
683.You need one long enough to span the Viaduct. See (693).
684.In the maze. See (691).
685.As this game is set inside an adventure game, we needed some
       typical adventure game puzzles. The use of the garlic is about as
       typical as you get. See (442).
686.Unimportant: it's just something for the Dragon to guard.
687.Outside the Mountain Orc Lair, south of where you enter the second part of the game.
688.Read it to learn the Lightning spell.
689.Give it to Grok and get the (175).
690.You can only learn magic in the later stages of the game, after
       crossing the viaduct. Use it by, e.g, cast speliname at target. See (714).
691.From the entrance, go S, SE, E. Then see (703).
692.Give him the (202).
693.Tie together shorter pieces. See (709).
694.A magical blade, tougher then normal weapons. See (21).
695.See (637). Better, use to bypass the Troll. See (806).
696.Light it to see in the dark.
697.You need help to dispose of the Ants. See (708).
698.All over the place.
699.Got from the Frog. See (681).
701.Follow him.
702.Each of the castles has a Drawbridge.
703.The writing is faintly luminous. See (715).
704.The main offensive weapons people take onto the streets.
705.Look inside. It's also a useful container. See (676).
706.Examine the trees, for fun.
707.Useful in adventure text, in moderation, as they pack a lot of
       information into a few words.
708.Command someone to kill them. See (11). Then join in yourself.
709.They are (37), (65), (130), (132), (136), (167), (170), (185), (224), (272).
710.Tie a lot of this type of thing together. See (13).
711.Climb it. Look. Then climb down.
712.Guarded by the Ants. See (697).
713.See details of the objects there.
714.To learn a spell, you just need to read its name, or a message
       describing it. Names are typically short words in capital letters. For
       details of the 21 spells, look at every third message starting with
       (720), (723), (726) etc.
715.Read it in the dark.
716.On the Jousting Field, where you are left after the joust.
717.Leave it alone: perhaps it will kill some humans for you.
718.A human, see (368). To avoid them, see (16).
719.See (717).
720.To learn about Cold, see (295). For its use, see (785).
721.In the Inn. The Humans buy it with treasure.
722.Cast at almost any creature to heal it.
723.To learn about Death, see (738). For the use, see (810).
724.Just inside the Crystal Castle. See (470).
725.Put trellis, painted to match your windows, around the doors,
       but don't let anything grow up it. Then see (739).
726.To learn about Lightning, see (195). For its use, see (836).
727.Behind the Bar. Don't take it before you need it, see (375).
728.Eat the Frog.
729.To learn about magic Knives, see (442). To use, see (816).
730.Walking around part 2 of the game, checking on things.
731.In the Gnome's hand. See (212).
732.To learn Fireball, see (205). To use, see (621).
733.Examine it to learn (762).
734.Needed by the Monk for his magic. See (746).
735.To learn Sword, see (545). For its use, see (849).
736.Used fairly widely: you can't have too much of a good thing,
       though I have tried to keep a sense of proportion.
737.Makes things bigger. See (176) and, less important, (30).
738.To learn Slow, see (42). For its use, see (858).
739.When you're going to sell the house, and not before, plant red
       and yellow roses below the trellis. See (745).
740.You're in an adventure game and this is one of the players. Wear
       the visor to see what they look like 'in character
741.To learn Fly, see (89). For its uses, see (795).
742.A human, see (368). To avoid them, see (16).
743.Cast on yourself, this may make humans hate you less.
744.To learn Jump, see (339). For its use, see (846).
745.Now plant a couple of container-grown fruit trees. Chose posh
       kinds like peach or greengage and just shove them in the ground. No need
       for any preparation. See (749).
746.Destroy them to defeat him. See (732).
747.To learn Teleport, see (76). For its use, see (839).
748.It takes one to know one. See (58).
749.On the day before the house goes on the market, cut a border in
       the front lawn and fill it with bedding plants. See (871).
750.To learn Glow, see (150). For its use, see (782).
751.Tie something to it. See (582)
752.Look under it.
753.To learn Eye1 see (123). For its use, see (799).
754.Wanders around the Inn, serving Beer to people who arrive with
       money and guarding the objects there.
755.In the northwest corner of Faerie. See (507).
756.To learn Locate, see (425). For its use, see (812)
757.Cast Sword, see (735).
758.Unlock the Chest with the Key and take what you find, i.e (65).
759.To learn Detect, see (125). For its use, see (840).
760.Read it to learn a spell. See (771).
761.Steal his Helmet. Then see (572).
762.To learn Empathy, see (25). For its use, see (854).
763.The national epic of the Finns.
764.Deliciously slimy, but of no help in the game.
765.To learn Cure, see (176). For its use, see (722).
766.Loathly and best avoided.
767.If people can't see you, they can't kill you.
768.To learn Exorcise, see (227). For its use, see (781).
769.A peculiar human. If you've not crossed the Viaduct, stop
       reading. Otherwise, see (740).
770.You need his Map, so get the rat Pie from (513).
771.To learn Grow, see (547). For its use, see (737).
772.Don't tackle him directly, look at his possessions. See (734).
773.A container. Treasure is safer inside.
774.To learn Charisma, see (325). For its use, see (743).
775.If you liked the rhymes, you might want to read one of the full
       translations of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" which have been
       produced by many authors, including JRRT himself. Or maybe not.
776.Discovered when the Mouse uses it. See (404).
777.To learn Shield, see (262). For its uses, see (790).
778.The mad Monk is dangerous and you have little time. See (772).
779.You have probably heard of power dressing, breakfasts etc..
       Well, Level 9 have extended the concept to horticulture. For maximum
       effect with minimum work, start by covering your whole garden with
       grass. This is just about the cheapest and easiest plant to care for.
       Then see (725).
780.To learn Magician, see (22). For its use, see (874).
781.It cancels spells in the area. See especially (89).
782.Cast at an object, this makes it act as a light.
783.To learn Invisibility, see (151)  For its use, see (767).
785.Cools things down. See (101) and (525).
786.Tell it to go into the (181) and find what's there.
787.Tied to you at the start.
788.Charging into them is a good way to go.
789.May as well attack him; you can't run away.
790.Cast it on yourself when entering the (470).
791.Go inside.
792.Wandering between the Necropolis and the House.
793.A wild man who, by any other name, would smell as sweet.
794.Examine it to find the Book.
795.It's useful when cast on you, e.g to cross the river, and on
       other things. See (495) and (470).
796.Has secret lettering, only visible when in the (101).
797.Where humans being treasure, for points. Something useful is
       hidden here. See (258).
798.Mentioned as an obscure tribute to John Varley's work.
799.It's small and mobile. Use for reconnaissance, and (786).
800.You can't do anything about this.
801.20 points per spell learnt, see (690); 30 points for feeding
       Grok; 30 points for each of the 3 potential allies you placate and the
       same again when the 4 allies are recruited, see (11); 40 points for
       solving the paradise puzzle, see (535); plus two bonuses of 100 for
       completing the game.
802.Not in this game.
803.Something is inside. To open it, see (125).
804.'In' the Bridge. See (968).
805.In the Crystal Castle, north of (530).
806.Collect several silver objects - I use 'go' to move about and
       abandon this with space whenever I pass a treasure. See (819).
807.Describes a spell, see (753), but you can't read this until the
       Fire is dealt with.
808.Put something on it for protection. See (177).
809.Tie anything edible to it, then 'drop' this into the water.
810.Disposes of a few enemies, but do not push your luck. It also
       provides a way of instantly going to 'Paradise'.
811.Scenery: the route by which human players enter the game. You
       can never use it, so find another way past. See (487).
812.Reports where things are. To find what they are, see (425).
813.A fairly friendly Orc. To avoid his club, see (834).
814.Give it to the Dragon, or he won't venture out of doors.
815.Read it. See (658).
816.Cuts something at a distance. See (235).
817.Examine it, and use the object on top.
818.Worn by you, when starting the second part of the game.
819.Find the Troll and save your position. (The mechanics of this
       puzzle are not simple, and there's always a chance that the Troll will
       be distracted by people crossing her Bridge, so you might need a couple
       of tries to get it right). Then see (873).
820.Follow it.
821.The ferocious landlady of the Orcs Head Inn. See (865).
822.On the other side of the door, off the scarred Corridor.
823.Inaccessible from the game.
824.Examine it to learn the spell named in (780).
825.A weapon. To avoid Brainz hitting you with it, see (834).
826.Mythic British king, possibly based in Somerset area.
827.Patrols the game, relighting the Fire and so on.
828.Near the north Bedroom. See (635).
829.You need the Amber. See (712).
830.Pointy-eared weirdos with dubious leanings.
831.Climb the Ivy which clings to the ugly Castle.
832.In part 1, you just score 10 points for each foot of rape. For
       subsequent scoring, see (801).
833.Fighting Tweedledum.
834.You need protection. Wear (141).
835.Inside the Mountain, east and south of the Archway.
836.You don't need to use this to finish the game. Just know it.
837.If you really want to, see (851). For escape, see (627).
838.Only an indestructible object will do, so use (45) to push it.
839.Provides rapid movement to target, almost wherever that is.
840.Gives a clue as to whether target is magical.
841.E.g if a creature is doing something too quickly. See (404).
842.The program will automatically select your best weapon, if you
       have one. Some spells are useful, too. See (723), (765) etc.
843.Put it where it fits. See (852).
844.Push it. If you find this difficult, see (838).
845.Examine it to learn details of (741). Can't read it? See (856).
846.Move instantly in stated direction, almost wherever that takes
       you. The important use is to use this to reach (545).
847.Examine it to learn (744).
848.Rubbish left after the joust. Use the objects which are here.
849.Creates a Broadsword. See (694).
850.Traps target's feet in sticky mud.
851.'Hit someone' for a single blow, or 'Attack someone' to enter an
       ongoing aggression situation. Make sure the enemy is smaller then you.
       See (842).
852.Put (62) in (222) to open (274) ar~d learn (759). See (875).
853.Use to open the Tomb.
854.Gives a clue about target's thoughts.
855.Give it to the Valkyrie.
856.Exorcise the spell on it first.
857.Inscribed on it are the details of (747).
858.Slows target. See (841).
859.Good at killing trees.
860.Drop it to learn (738).
861.She will follow. Repeat this until you're a long way from the
       Bridge and almost out of Treasure. Now drop your remaining silver and
       run back to the Bridge. When there, see (898).
862.Command someone else to do this, too.
863.If only it were bigger. See (771).
864.Only works when you know every spell. Then see (874).
865.The landlady of the Inn is famous for "Old Mrs Wallops Original
       Formula Orcs Blood Tonic" which is, alas, not to found in this game. It
       is said to have a unique flavour, but no survivor has been willing or
       able to disclose the details.
866.Very tasty! Give to the Dragon, so you can sneak past.
867.You need his Lassoo. To knock him down, see (250).
868.A human player, see (368). To avoid them, see (16).
869.Clean it to learn (732). Having problems cleaning? See (862).
870.Wear to keep warm.
871.The idea is to get a nice, simple effect which promises a lot of
       potential, hence the almost-empty trellis, and that will look really
       good for exactly a month. See (893).
872.In the area where you start.
873.Let her steal something from you. Then move away. See (861)
874.Cast it at yourself to earn promotion and the right to recruit
       the (425). If you have, congratulations on getting this far:
875.Command the Troll to carry out the actions involving the Coin,
       while you go south and await results.
876.Just beyond the Exit.
877.Do you live in a field? See (887).
878.A good example of why, if buying a house near flowing water, you
       must find out for certain where it is flowing from.
879.This is 'The rock that floats'.
880.Below the Bridge. See (889).
881.Marvellous people. Dirty, untrustworthy, violent and evil.
882.In the ugly Castle, on the other side of the Drawbridge.
884.It seems incredible that, when a company donates money to UK
       education, such teachers react by to boycotting their products.
885.Think about the Mud, Plaque and Frog.
886.Versions of this can be found in both parts of the game.
887.Shut that door.
888.On opposite sides of the Road. See (897).
889.Pull the Rope. Doesn't achieve anything? See (862).
890.Too many cooks spoil the Broth.
891.Flowing north-south down the middle of the part 2 landscape.
892.In the Mountain: east, north and east from the Archway. If you
       have a headache, see (834).
893.Then the bedding plants stop flowering, the trees shrivel and
       the roses get terminal greenfly. But it's no longer your problem.
       Grindleguts would approve!
894.Where humans gather to buy beer. You'll find the (258) here.
896.There IS something here. See (877).
897.Tie any rope to them to dismount the (370).
       Open the Door and enter the Lair. Now see (290).
899.From the roof you can see everything, see (575). Keep away from the knight.
900.Many hands make light work.
901.Hidden in the Mountain. See (913).
902.Be careful of the Hunter! Look at the Signposts, see (888)
903.See details of Grok, Oink and Brainz.
904.Look under the bed, catch the Mouse. See (914). Then see (181).
905.Say hello to Grok. See (770).
906.The half-Coin looks like a half-Moon and confuses it.
907.Trigger the 'foyer alarm'. Ugh. The Foyer is past the red Line.
908.See (742).
909.Consider Rapunzel. See (668).
910.Lead it to the Dragon, so they can fight.
911.Outwit the Hermit, Orc-fashion, and rob him. See (646).
912.Tastes delicious.
913.Cast Jump to reach there.
914.Every time the Mouse escapes, wait for it to return and put
       something in the escape route to block it. See (928).
915.Take everything here.
916.Cut them to lower the Drawbridge. See (729).
917.Bypasses many obstacles as, once drunk, no one can see you...
       Unlike Old Mrs Wallops Tonic; when drunk, you can't see anyone (865).
918.In part 1, only Denzyl will obey your orders. For the second
       part, see (929,'.
919.You are Grindleguts the orc, as described in Peter McBrides'
       introductory short story. Your initial aim is to escape over the broken
       viaduct to orc mountain. See (8) for more details.
920.A flying necrophile, who exists only to collect dead bodies and
       transport them to Paradise for resurrection.
921.Wandering about aimlessly in all parts of the game.
922.Don't accept his offer; he cheats. Do something slightly
       different instead. See (939).
923.Deadly. But deal with the man and you deal with the horse.
924.Don't eat her special fudge.
925.In a windin9 tunnel in the Mountain, roughly SE of the Archway.
926.When thrown, turns into a deadly bolt of lightning.
927.Defeat the Green Knight, then take them. See (922).
928.Close the door and try to catch it again. See (941).
929.Creatures must be subdued (956) and then recruited (225), before
       they will obey your orders; though 'beings' created by magic will obey
       automatically, see (333) and (335). You need the abilities of some of
       the following creatures to finish the game: (324), (337), (380), (404),
       (425) and (437).
930.A good weapon, but probably not worth the trouble of keeping.
931.Examine its Inscription to learn a spell, see (750).
932.Once through the Joust, see (632), you need to find where things
       are. See (575). Next, the idea is to use 'find' and 'run' to dash about,
       collecting bits of Rope to tie together. See (683). Finally, you need to
       cross the Viaduct, see (560).
933.Don't open it unless prepared for a lightning bolt. See (948).
934.A bit irrelevant, really.
935.For beer. Leave it in the Inn.
936.If you command it to move about, you get a report of wherever it
       goes - without any risk to you. See also (945).
937.A poetic clue to a spell name. See (750).
938.Fly above the Acid. Notice that Button? See (844).
939.Hit the Horse. Then take the (224) and run away.
940.Not in this game.
941.Drop the Sack for it to hide inside. Then see (949).
942.Somewhere around. Use the find command.
943.Part of the green Horse, but see (351).
944.A brand of toothpaste, I think.
945.Send it into the Mousehole, to find what is hidden there.
946.The Coin matches the Recess. See (852).
947.Heats the Grate. See (123).
948.Wear some things to earth the current, see (28) and (30).
949.Listen to what it's saying, see (723). Then recruit it; you'll
       need its help later, see (6).
950.One of the main puzzles of Knight Orc is something you should
       NOT do: i.e make a map. As you'll realise if you try mapping, only the
       named locations have puzzles - see (4) for details -and it's a waste of
       time to map the whole game. The interior areas (of which the Mountain is
       the largest) are small enough to "map" in your head. Finally, please
       note that future Level 9 games will not need detailed mapping, either.
951.This is metal and trails on the ground. See (964).
952.The exit from 'Paradise'. You can't enter, except when dead.
953.Not in this game.
954.The 'real' appearance of game scenery. Wear the Visor to see
       it's more conventional appearance. See (8).
955.Avoid fighting; See (3) to escape. Pun away a lot. Then, later
       in the game, learn and use the Shield and Cure spells.
956.Subduing a creature involves catching it, see (404); getting
       past its defences, see (324) and (437); or proving your worth. see
       (425). Denzyl, of course, doesn't need subduing.
957.Wear this to be completely enclosed in metal. See (964).
958.To open it, you need authorization. See (158)
959.Is this a hundred foot long yet? If not, see (693). If so, it's
       long enough to span the Viaduct. See (972).
960.To catch it, see (914).
961.In the Scabbard. To remove it from there, see (614).
962.Beyond the Viaduct. See (654).
963.Has been lost, and slid away inside a small place. See (181).
964.With (28) and (30) together, you are completely protected by earthed metal. See (82).
965.Wear the Visor to see him/her in character.
966.Outwit the Knight, Orc-fashion. See (922).
967.Defeat the mad Monk indirectly. See (246).
968.Give a silver treasure to the Troll, as payment for crossing her
       Bridge. To subsequently outwit the Troll and gain entrance to her Lair,
       see (806).
969.From here, you can see all the important places in part 1.
970.Once you're a Magician, see (780), anyway. See also (929). Its
       main purpose is to solve the very last puzzle, see (997).
971.You need to get past the metal Door. See (958).
972.The idea is to throw it through the Ping (226). If you are
       unable to throw it far enough, see (979).
973.See (464) to trap the Mouse, and use the (333) to discover what
       what's hidden in the hole.
974.Very scenic.
975.Learn all the spells (690), recruit all the useful creatures
       (929) and get everyone to the Exit. See (985).
976.He won't go outdoors without protection. See (245). Get him to
       dispose of bothersome Humans, and then take his smoke to (247).
977.Deflect the Humans' attacks with (777). Then see (88).
978.The Line stops artificial creatures leaving, until it is deactivated (992).
979.Tie the Rope to the Spear and throw this.
980.Take everything and keep it.
981.Prove a tactile equivalent for walls. See (8)
982.The Vampire attacks unless you've got the (116). Groan.. But see
       (685) for game background. Lure another creature inside, to be told
       about (729).
983.Open the Door to reach the Troll's Lair. See (968).
984.How should I know?
985.Get (324) to the Sensor to trigger it, deactivate the red Line
       (992) and go to the Foyer. Then see (997).
986.See entries for the individual objects, creatures and rooms you
       find here. See also (545).
987.Outside the Orc Lair, where you want to be. See (962).
988.A smoke detector. To trigger it, consider bringing the (324).
989.His Ball and Chain are actually quite useful. See (951).
990.Read the Panel to learn a spell. See (726)
991.A spell is described here. See (735).
992.Command the Troll to open the Hatch, look inside it and put the
       Mouse inside to chew the wires.
993.The original coin-op machines were excellent.
994.All humanoids in this game are wearing Visors, but this is the
       only one that we are concerned with. When worn, it alters the appearance
       of objects to correspond to the magical scenario of the game. When
       removed, you see 'reality'. See (1009).
995.Needed for recruiting creatures. See (11).
996.Xenophobes who hate Orcs. Keep clear.'
997.Command the Troll to put the Rainbird in the Kiosk, so it can peck the button there.
998.Carry it to open a Door, see (83). To get it where you need it, see (855).
999.Visit the Roof of the Keep, and open the Drawbridge to get to the Chest.
1000.Attach to the Rope. See (959).
1001.Remove your Visor in the Forest (492).
1002.The way out of the game: your destination. See (985).
1003.Eat it very carefully.
1004.South and east-ish of the Acid Pool.
1005.See entries for the Grate and Bedrooms.
1006.Where the Valkyrie takes you - remove the Visor.
1007.An obstacle, unless you fly.
1008.Just scenery.
1009.To avoid you accidentally reading the game background, it has
         been encyphered. To read it, simply replace each letter by the following
         one: thus "dwznokd" means "example". If you do read this section, please
         don't tell new players about it.

Jmhfgs Nqb szjdr okzbd hm z etkk-rhydc zcudmstqd fzld, rszeedc ax qnans.
Rn xnt zqd mns nmkx zm nqb, ats z qnans nqb. Qnansr zmc btrsnldqr zkhjd
vdzq etkk-ezbd uhrnqr, nmsn vghbg zqd oqnidbsdc hlzfdr ne sgd lzfhbzk
kzmcrbzod, zmc sgd zbbhcdms zs sgd dmc ne ozqs 1 knnrdmr xntq nmd.
Sgdqdzesdq, qzhrhmf sgd uhrnq rgnvr znt "qdzkhsx", vgh::d vdzqhmf hs
kdsr xnt rdd vgzs hr fnhmf nm hm sgd fzld. Hs'r mns ltbg etm adhmf z
qnans nqb, adbztrd zkk sgd nccr zqd rszbjdc hm ezuntq ne sgd gtlzm
btrsnldqr, rn xntq zhl hr sn drbzod hmsn sgd vnqkc ntsrhcd. Mnv okzx

Spoiler Space for this...

Knight Orc takes place in a full-sized adventure game staffed by robots.
So you are not only an orc, but a robot orc. Robots and customers alike
wear full-face visors, onto which are projected images of the magical
landscape and the accident at the end of part 2 loosens your one.
Thereafter, raising the visor shows you "reality" while wearing it lets
you see what is going on in the game. It's not much fun being a robot
orc- because all the odds are stacked in favour of the human customers-
so your aim is to escape into the world outside. Now play on!!