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 Magik Trilogy

                                 INGRID'S BACK


    Ingrid starts in the village hall carrying an invitation and a protest
    petition. The gnomes had been waiting for their party but have now
    realised they've been tricked by Jasper Quickbuck. Ingrid decies to get
    up a protest petition and give it to Great Aunt Halfyard who will
    present it to the council. Your dog Flopsy is with you.

    Make sure only residents and "goodies" sign the petition. Others will
    sign with false names.

    Go to inn. Jumbo Butterpat pours you a mug of scrumpy on the house.
    "Give petition to Jumbo"; he signs (+10). Go to Flora, "give petition
    to Flora"; she signs (+10). Ignore the travelling salesgnome, Silas
    Crawley and Mrs Underlay.

    Go to shop. "Give petition to Miss Farthing"; she signs. (+10). She
    asks if you'll deliver a bag of groceries to your uncle Dusty at the
    mill. Get bag. Go to mill. The sign outside says 'no Ingrids' and when
    you go east, the watch chickens scare you back. "Flopsy, east". She
    goes east and chases the chickens. (+20). Go east. By the mill, "drop
    groceries, ring bell, hide". Uncle opens the door to get the groceries.
    "Stand"; he's shocked to see you and falls into some sacks of flour
    which fall on him. He says he'll sign your petition if you get the dog
    away from him. "Flospy, west"; she leaves. "Give petition to Dusty"; he
    signs (+10).

    In Dark Wood, a sign reads 'Beware of escaped gorilla'. To the west,
    you meet the gorilla which won't let you past and chases you when you
    go east. However, it gets tangled in the briers. (+20). It turns out to
    be Rollo in a gorilla suit. He finally escapes and runs away.

    Go to Aunt. "Give petition to aunt"; she signs and says she'll present
    it at the next council meeting when you have enough signatures. She
    also points out an article in the paper showing Jasper Quickbuck giving
    free holidays to council members.

    Go to Gnettlefield Farm and get various members of the family to sign;
    Gnoah Budblast, Arback Garden, Grandma Gnutson, Gnoggin Garden, Gnora
    Bottomlow, Dimple and Bumpy. You get 10 each, 70 in all. Ignore
    Amillaria Budblast.

    On Cawing Road, it is too far to walk north. The rook there (who is
    bigger than Ingrid) says he will help if he can as after the houses,
    their trees will be next to be demolished.

    Go to the lighthouse. The door to it is too high for you to get in. Go
    to rook. "Rook, take me"; it does so. "Rook, go to lighthouse". He
    lands on a landing pad at the top (+10). A hatch leads down. Inside is
    Millie. "Give petition to Millie"; she signs (+10) and lets you out by
    lowering a long ladder.

    Go to Boney Spratt, he's fishing but he's too fed up to sign anything
    as he hasn't caught a thing all day and his boat is on the wrong side
    of the river. The bridge over the river is broken. "Knock on door"; Mrs
    Spratt opens it and signs (+10)

    "Sign petition" yourself (+10).

    Go to the front door of Isfrunt Garden's house. You can't knock on the
    back door as the wood is too soggy and if you knock on the front door,
    he sneaks out through the back. So, "Flopsy, SW, NW, wait" ie so she's
    by the back door. Wait till she gets there, then "knock on door".
    Isfrunt tries to sneak out the back but Flopsy picks him up and takes
    him back to Ingrid, then goes back to the back door in case he tries to
    sneak off again. He signs the petition and runs back into the house.

    Go to Gnat Tackhammer. He is working on a dogless carriage but won't
    let you take it out without him. "Give petition to Gnat"; he signs
    (+10). "Get into carriage", go to the top of Ploughgnome Hill, and
    right down to the bridge. The carriage goes faster and faster and you
    sail across the gap. The carriage is broken and gnat swims to the west
    bank. You can see the boat. (+20)

    Go to Three Mole hill, in. You know there's someone there but they
    won't come out. "Drop petition, out, in". Get and exam petition; you
    see the hermit has signed it (+10)

    Go to boat, get into boat, go over the river. Wait for Boney. He
    arrives and is pleased to see his boat. He says he'll do anything in
    return. "Give petition to Boney"; he signs (+10)

    Go to Tack's farm. You can hear someone behind the door but they won't
    open it and the window is too high. "Get short ladder", go to window,
    "drop ladder, climb ladder". You are in a bedroom. Mrs Tackhammer is
    looking very red and there's a noise from the wardrobe. "Open
    wardrobe"; Seamus Sosmall climbs out saying that oen of his
    teleportation spells must have gone wrong again! "Give petition to Mrs
    Tackhammer, give petition to Seamus"; they both sign (+10), (+10), and
    when Ingrid leaves, Seamus makes an excuse to go back upstairs.

    The petition is now complete. Go to Great Aunt, "give petition to
    Aunt"; she says she'll present it at the next council meeting (+10)

    (Note - at Ridley's end, the notice reads; maid wanted, pay 30
    turnips/week and accomodation. This links with part3.)


    Jumbo +10
    Flora +10
    Miss Farthing +10
    Remove chickens +20
    Dusty +10..........................60/300
    Remove gorilla +20
    Aunt +10
    Gnoah +10
    Arback +10
    Grandma +10
    Gnoggin +10
    Dimple +10
    Bumpy +10..........................150/300 Ingrid1
    Gnora +10
    Mrs Spratt +10
    Get to lighthouse +10
    Millie +10
    Ingrid +10
    Isfrunt +20
    Gnat +10...........................230/300 Ingrid2
    Cross river +20
    Hermit +10
    Boney +10
    Mrs Tackhammer +10
    Seamus +10
    Give petition to Aunt and finish +10

    Total 300/300


    Start from save Ingrid4 300/300

    Ingrid wakes on the stairs with a hangover after celebrating her
    success with the petition! Don't open the door to her room or you will
    be buried under a pile of turnips.

    In the kitchen, the family hears a crash outside. Gnoah goes to
    investigate. "Examine table"; you find a loaf which is the same shape
    as a troll's head. Get loaf.

    Go to steamroller. On the way, Seamus arrives. He says despite the
    petition, the people of Little Moaning have been evicted and the farm
    is next. He suggests you steal Silas' plans and also do something to
    his steamroller.

    At the steamroller, "Flopsy, get plans". She does, and gives them to
    you. You read them and see that if Gnettlefield Farm is destroyed,
    there's no-one left to save the valley. You and Flopsy eat the plans.

    To stop the steamroller going to the farm, "Gnoah, lie down on ground";
    he does and when the trolls try to lift him they find he's too heavy to
    move. Silas says they'll go round the other way (+20)

    Go to Soggybottom field and wait for Silas. When he arrives, go to dam
    and "hit dam". Water floods the field (+30). Silas and the trolls leave
    the steamroller to go and mend the dam. Go to steamroller, examine
    chimney; the right size to stuff a troll's head into. "Drop loaf into
    chimney". The steamroller explodes. Silas tells Bane, Chugg, Doldrum,
    Fuddle and Gormless to round up the Bottomlows and Ergot to lock them
    in the barn while Amble deals with you (+20). Amble starts to chase

    Go to root and down into lower warren. "Flopsy, up, bite through root";
    she goes. "Wait 2, up". You climb up the root, Flopsy bites through it
    and Amble falls into the lower warren (+20)

    Note:- Three of the other trolls are in fixed locations (Chugg, Bane,
    Ergot) but the rest can be dealt with in any of the ways listed below.
    I have listed the one that I did it with. Go into the same location as
    one of the trolls and when he starts to follow or chase you, carry out
    the solution listed.

    Go to top of windmill, "pull brake": the vanes start to turn, "push
    lever"; you see a hook descending outside (+10). Go down and find a
    troll eg Fuddle and get him to the inn yard. "Flopsy, in, up, pull
    lever"; she goes, "fasten Fuddle to hook"; in a couple of moves he
    rises into the air (+30)

    Get the cask while you're at the mill.

    Get the millstone and find a troll eg Gormless. Go to trapdoor and open
    it; he tetters on the edge. "Push Gormless"; he falls in, "put
    millstone on trapdoor": it stops him getting back out (+20)

    Get Doldrum to chase you and go to guinea pigs. You must make sure that
    Doldrum is behind one of the south gates. "Open gate" so the guinea
    pigs escape into the main pen. Now each time that Doldrum enters the
    pen from the south end, the guinea pigs fuss all over him and he leaves
    through the same gate. So if you do this when he enters from the north,
    he won't be trapped (+20)

    Go to the back of the barn where you see a loose brick and "get brick";
    the family hear and push from the other side. Do this 4 times, the barn
    collapses and Ergot is flattened by the barn door (+30)

    Go and get the telelilies which have appeared where the flood was. One
    is blue, the other green. Go to well and "drop green telelily into
    well". "Drop blue telelily", "get into blue telelily"; you materialise
    in the well (+10). There's a handbag there which contains lipstick and
    perfume. Get it. "Get into green telelily"; you materialise back at the
    top of the well. "Wear perfume", "wear lipstick". Bane is guarding the
    farm house door. If you have seen him before this, you'll know that he
    has fallen for Ingrid. Go to Bane, wearing perfume and lipstick and he
    is so overcome by her appearance that he makes a tryst at Tack's farm
    and rushes off to have a bath (+20)

    Carrying cask, in, Chugg is inside. He has a bottle and is drunk. "Give
    cask to Chugg": he opens and drains it, collapses and crawls outside.
    Ingrid realises she must get the deeds to the farmhouse but she hears
    noises from upstairs (+20)

    Up. Silas Crawly sees her and makes her get the deeds from under
    Grandma's bed. When he leads you back to the landing at the top of the
    stairs, "put deeds under door"; he opens the door to get them and is
    covered by the turnips from inside which fall on him. Ingrid tickles
    him till he agrees to leave everyone in the valley and farm alone


    ........................................0(300/1000) Ingrid4
    Flopsy, get plans +20
    Gnoah, lie down on ground +20
    Hit dam +30
    Drop loaf in chimney +20
    Sort out Amble/root +20...............110(410/1000) Ingrid5
    Pull brake/push lever +10
    Fasten troll to hook etc +30
    Shut troll in cellar +20..............160(460/1000) Ingrid6
    Trap troll with guinea pigs +20
    Trap Ergot under barn door +30
    Get into well +10.....................220(520/1000) Ingrid7
    Remove Bane +20
    Remove Chugg +20
    Put deeds under door +40..............300(600/1000)


    Start from save Ingrid8 score 600/600

    Life went back to normal but Jasper was still living at the manor and
    no-one knew what he was up to. So Ingrid goes to work as a maid there.
    Her cousin Daisy works there already.

    In the avenue, Seamus and Gnoah are up a tree. They say he must be up
    to something and Ingrid must go and collect the evidence. She can give
    them a wave when she's got enough.

    Arrive at porch (+20). If you knock on the door, the butler tells you
    to go into the servant's yard. Enter kitchen (+20). You are given a
    scone but if you eat it, you find it's full of curry powder. Go to the
    yard, "examine bin" to see rubbish. "Daisy, examine rubbish"; she finds
    a letter (+20). "Get letter, exam it" (+10); it's from the Department
    of Trade and Industry saying they've had complaints about Jasper's
    gilt-trading firm and will send an inspector in 4 or 5 years time.

    Go to the path south of the changing room. "Hide behind lounger".
    Jasper goes for a swim. Go into changing room to find a filofax. Get it
    (+20) and read it. It's full of evidence including a lot of dodgy phone
    numbers. Do this early on.

    If you go to the loft and "look through hole", you can see seomone
    signing their signature over and over again, and then writing on a
    canvas in a room of paintings, or scratching at the surface of a
    painting with a brillo pad.

    Go to tree court and you see it casts a shadow. "Exam shadow"; you see
    a hole. Go through and up to the attic. "Wait" several times.
    Eventually, Rulf arrives. Ho pushes the west wall and goes through an
    opening. Inside, "exam canvasses"; you see lots of forgeries and a
    masterpiece (+20). "Examine masterpiece"; it's a forgery of the Gnoma
    Lisa. Get masterpiece (+10)

    Some time, Seamus arrives and says Jasper knows who you are and is
    going to set you up for stealing his antiques, so find evidence quick.
    The police will arrive if you don't finish in time.

    Enter the library (+10) and read the books. They give hints:
    Step by step tax dodging
    The ghost of Ridley's End
    Home insurance, some pages are torn out. Daisy says she heard him say
    something about stolen antiques
    Masterpieces of the world
    Answering machines
    A swashbuckling novel about walking along window ledges and swinging
    from chandeliers
    The water babies; and one about the diseases you can catch from
    A thriller about searching furniture and hiding behind curtains
    A novel about a toff who wanted to marry a girl who sold mangel wurzels

    Go to Reading room and from there to the roof (+20). Go to Jasper's
    bedroom (note it's locked if you try to enter from the other side
    through the door). There's a tape in the answering machine which has a
    play and record button. In the wardrobe is a manual telling you how to
    use it. There's a jacket in there too. Examine it; it has a pocket,
    "look in pocket"; you find a wallet, "get wallet (+10) examine wallet";
    in it is a photo of Jasper and some council members on his yacht which
    shows how he got his planning permission (+20)

    Every so often, the phone will ring and someone answers it on an
    extension. "Get tape, put it in machine, press record" when the phone
    is answered. You record a message. There are several, all incriminating
    so just record any one (+20). Get tape (+10)

    In the Long Gallery, you see a portrait and a heavy curtain. If you
    move the portrait, you see a safe with a combination lock. The curtain
    is transparent but looks solid from a distance. Drop a piece of
    evidence (eg the letter) and "hide behind curtain"; Daisy comes behind
    too. "Wait for Jasper". He picks the object up and says he must lock it
    somewhere safe. Wait twice, he opens the safe and you see the
    combination is 888155. He puts the letter inside and closes the safe,
    then slides the portrait back.

    When he leaves, "stand up, move portrait, 888155"; it opens. "Exam
    safe" (+20); you see the letter and accounts. "Get letter, get accounts
    (+10), close safe, slide portrait". You must do this fairly quickly so
    you don't get caught. Note that you lose the relevant points when you
    drop the letter but get them back when you retrieve it.

    At the end of the west gallery, Ingrid thinks it looks a bit short.
    "Open window"; you see a narrow ledge. Go this way to the secret room.
    In there you see all the furniture missing from the house +20) "Exam
    antiques"; you find a diamond (+20). It's the Moaning Star, meant to
    have been stolen in a robbery, which was obviously a swindle. "Get
    diamond" (+10). Leave east.

    The butler hangs about round the door to Jasper's office and won't let
    you in. Go to the porch with Daisy and "Daisy, wait 10, knock, wait 4,
    knock". Go to outside Jasper's room. The butler leaves to answer the
    door when the knock sounds. Go in, "exam desk"; you see blotting paper
    and a drawer (+20). "Get blotting paper (+10), get drawer (+10)"; a few
    missing check stubs fall out. "Get stubs" (+10), leave before the
    butler comes back or he takes everything from you when you leave and
    puts it on the desk. "Exam blotting paper"; you read about a tip for a
    takeover bid,   „I got it the day before and cleaned up gnicely. (+60

    Go to avenue and "wave"; they don't appear so Ingrid shakes the tree.
    They fall out and examine the evidence. They say it's time to pay the
    squire a visit. Seamus gives you a phial to drink as he says you look
    as though you need it. (+10)

    Go to Jasper. He runs to the ballroom and locks himself in. Go up to
    chandelier, "untie chandelier"; you swing to the ballroom and knock
    Jasper over. He asks what she wants him to do and as a result of the
    potion, she asks him to marry her! (+40)


    .......................................0(600/1000) Ingrid8
    Arrive at porch +20
    Daisy finds letter +20
    Get letter +10
    Enter kitchen +20
    Get filofax +20
    Examine canvasses +20
    Get masterpiece +10
    Enter library +10
    Get to roof +20
    Get wallet +10
    Examine wallet +20
    Tape message +20
    Get tape +10.........................210(810/1000) Ingrid9
    Exam safe +20
    Get accounts +10
    Get to secret room +20
    Find diamond +20
    Get diamond +10......................290(890/1000)
    Do Jasper's office +60...............350(950/1000)
    Meet Seamus and Gnoah again +10
    Untie chandelier +40

    Total 1000/1000

    Note: if you find the letter yourself, you get dirty and end up 10
    points short.