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Emerald Isle
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 Magik Trilogy


I have found it helpful to split the game into smaller 'missions'. Credits must go to Level 9 for producing one of the largest, dullest and most plot-less adventures in a long while... Treasures are enclosed in * *

Mission 1: Find necessary items in town and get on the train:
(You begin hanging from a tree) RELEASE PARACHUTE, U, GET PARACHUTE, D, S, S, S, GET COIN, E, E, N, GET GLUE, GET * ROBE *, WEAR ROBE, S, E, U, GET MANUAL, D, W, S, S (the guards see your nice clothes and lets you pass), E (you spot the letter W), W, S, E, GIVE PARACHUTE (the seamstress gives you Bronze Coin), W, W, U, READ SIGN (it is about a contest), W (the king throws a coin at you), E, D, S, GET COIN, N, W, W, D, D, E, INSERT SILVER COIN (you receive a ticket), W (wait for the train = w.f.t.t.), N (you ride to the ocean).

Mission 2: Build a canoe and the the components for the lamp:
E, GET PLIERS, W, N, DROP ALL, GET GLUE, GET MANUAL, W, THROW GLUE (a spider takes the glue to its web),, W (it is dark, but you can walk through 2 rooms in the dark), S, W, NW, GET * NECKLACE *, SE, SW, GET PAN, NE, SE, S, S, S, E, PAN FOR GOLD (you find * GOLD NUGGET *), DROP PAN, S, E, D, S, S, S, GET AXE, N, N, N, U, W, N, W, N, E (here is the letter A), W, N, NW, E, N, E, GET ANCHOR, S, CARVE LOG (with the axe. You build a canoe), TIE ANCHOR TO CANOE, NE, DROP ALL, SW, GET CANOE, NE, GET COPPER COIN, GET BRONZE COIN, DROP CANOE, IN, N, N, N, N, E, E, U, INSERT COPPER COIN, LOOK IN TELESCOPE (you see a modern city in the distance), BREAK TELESCOPE (a lense remains; it is used for reading small letter), GET LENS, E, N, E, E, EXAMINE SCARECROW (you find some overalls), S, SE (you see an L), S, S, S, E, GET MATCHBOX, W, W, GET BOATHOOK, W, S, W, GET BOOK (used for reading other languages), SW, BUY GRANULES (what will you pay ?), BRONZE COIN, NE, E, N, E, E, N, NW, N, NW, W, D, GET LADDER, IN, W, W, NE, GET LAMP, SW, IN, S, W, FILL LAMP (in Crystal Waters - this is _so_ logical?!?!), INSERT GRANULES (the lamp shines brightly), E, S, S, S, DROP LADDER, DROP BOOK, DROP BOATHOOK, DROP OVERALLS, DROP ROBE.

Mission 3: Find the shovel and cross the river to the valley:
E, E, GET POST, E, S, E, E, GET SHOVEL, DIG (you find * PLATINUM PYRAMID *), W, W, S, SUPPORT CEILING (with the post), S, DIG (you uncover the * OPAL *), GET ROPE, GET PICK, N, GET POST, N, N, W, W, W, DIG (you find some spikes), DROP SPIKES, GET LADDER, W, W, GET * MAP *, READ IT (it is a treasure map), S, W, SE, S, S, S, E, S, W, W, EXTEND LADDER, DROP IT (you can now cross the river), S, GET * CHEST *, N, U, E, E, W, N, NW, E, N, E, E, GET NUGGET, DROP ROPE, DROP LENS, DROP PICK, GET NECKLACE, GET TICKET, S (w.f.t.t.), S, U, U, E, E, U, N, DROP MAP, DROP CHEST, DROP OPAL, DROP PYRAMID, DROP NUGGET, DROP NECKLACE, S, D, W, W, D, D (w.f.t.t.), N, N, DROP TICKET, GET SPIKES, WEAR THEM, GET OVERALLS, WEAR THEM.

Mission 4: Go to the modern city and find treasures on the island:
IN, N, N, N, W, W, S, IN, U, OUT, W, W, GET WALLET, S, E, S, S, W, S, S, S, W, S, E, S, E (wear the overalls to enter the plane), E, IN, D, GET * BROOCH *, U, OUT, W, W, N, W, N, E, N, N, E, N, N, N, N, E, IN, D, OUT, N, IN, E, E, N, NW, DIG (do you remember the map? You find some * DUBLOONS * and a * FIGURINE *), U, DROP OVERALLS, GET * COCONUT *, D, SE, IN, S, S, S, S, DROP LAMP, GET TICKET, S (w.f.t.t.), S, U, U, E, E, U, N, DROP BROOCH, DROP DUBLOONS, DROP FIGURINE, DROP COCONUT, S, D, W, W, D, D (w.f.t.t.), N, W, DROP WALLET (you get 100 notes as a reward), E, N, DROP TICKET, DROP MATCHBOX, DROP POST, GET PICK, GET LAMP.

Mission 5: Buy the things in town and find the key for the tree city clock:
IN, N, N, N, N, E, E, U, E, S, E, SE, S, W, S, W, W, NW, BUY FOOD, 5 NOTES, SE, S, BUY HAMMER, 10 NOTES, BUY SCREWDRIVER, 5 NOTES, N, N, BUY * PAINTING *, 5 NOTES (the man takes most of the notes), S, E, E, N, E, N, NW, NE, U, U, IN, D, D, DROP NOTES, DIG (you find some       * DIAMONDS *), U, U, OUT, D, D, W, NW, W, D, IN, W, W, S, S, S, S, DROP SPIKES, DROP PICK, SW, E, UNDO PLANK (using the hammer), GET PLANK, W, N, W, S, W, SE, S, S, S, E, N, U, DROP PLANK, U, N, U, EXAMINE BOULDER (you discover a key for the clock), D, S, D, D, S, W, N, N, E, E, W, N, NW, E, N, E, E, DROP LAMP, GET COIN, GET ROBE, WEAR IT, GET TICKET, S (w.f.t.t.), S, U, U, E, E, U, N, DROP PAINTING, DROP DIAMONDS, S, D, E, N, N, N, E, U, WIND CLOCK, DROP SMALL KEY, D (in return for winding up the clock you are given the key to the city), W, S, S, S, W, W, W, D, D, UNLOCK GATE, W, N, N, E, GET ARMBAND (w.f.t.t.).

Mission 6: Find the i.d., clean up the traffic and fix the pinnacles:
S (you go to Terminus Station), N, GIVE FOOD (the beggar gives you an i.d.), N, N, GIVE GOLD COIN (you are vaccinated), S, S, E, E, S, E, E, E, GET BOWL, W, W, W, N, W, W, S (w.f.t.t.), W, W, S, S, OPEN GATE, E (w.f.t.t.), N, N, DROP BOWL, DROP ROBE, DROP TICKET, DROP HAMMER, GET LAMP, GET POST, GET ROPE, W, W, S, W, SE, S, S, S, E, S, E, D, S, S, W, W, W (here is a T), S, E, WEAR ARMBAND, W (a logging machine arrives but turns away because of the armband), W, W, N, EXAMINE MONUMENT, INSERT POST (an opening appears), D, PUSH CARVINGS (yet another opening), S, INSERT CARD, S, EXAMINE MONITORS (total traffic jam), PULL LEVER (the problem is dissolved. You are told that a reward awaits you), OPEN DOOR, N, E, DROP POST, GET ROPE, W, N, U, S, E, N, E, E, E, N, N, U, W, W, W, S, W, TIE ROPE, TIE ROPE (the long one and the short one), D, E, N, E, GET * CORONET *, W, S, W, U, GET SHORT ROPE, D, S, S, E, DIG, D, DROP SHORT ROPE, GET * RUBY *, W (back on the beach), DROP CARD, DROP SHOVEL, DROP ARMBAND, DROP KEY, GET BOWL, GET PLIERS, GET SPIKES, WEAR THEM, IN.

Mission 7: pick up the reward at the office and retrieve the treasures from the sunken ship:
N, N, N, W, W, S, IN, U, OUT, W, S, S, S, S, E, S, E, EXAMINE
CONTROLS, EXAMINE PLATE, OPEN PLATE (with the screwdriver), LOOK, MEND WIRES (using the pliers. The lift is ready to go...), PRESS BUTTON (so it does!), W, N (you receive some * RARE GEMS * for clearing the traffic), S, E, PRESS BUTTON, W, N, N, W, N, N, N, E, IN, D, OUT, N, IN, E, E, S, S, GET ANCHOR, THROW IT (so the boat won't float away), INVERT BOWL (the lamp will burn underwater), DROP PLIERS, DROP SCREWDRIVER, DROP SPIKES, D, GET * SAPPHIRE *, GET * SWORD *, U, IN, GET ANCHOR, S, DROP ANCHOR, DROP BOWL, GET KEY, GET TICKET, GET ROBE, WEAR IT, GET BOATHOOK, W, W, S, W, SE, S, S, S, E, S, W, S, W, GET ROPE, E, N, U, E, E, W, N, NW, E, N, E, E, S (w.f.t.t.), S, U, U, E, E, U, N, DROP SWORD, DROP SAPPHIRE, DROP RUBY, DROP CORONET, DROP GEMS, S, D, W, W, D, D.

Mission 8: go to the ruined city and get the idol. Then find the bag
of silver:
OPEN GATE, W, N, N, E (w.f.t.t.), S, N, E, E, E, E, E, PULL VINES (with the boathook), E (you swing across), E, N, N (you notice an E), SE, S, E, E, D, S, EXAMINE STATUE, STAND ON BLOCK, THROW ROPE, PULL ROPE (an opening appears), DROP ALL, GET BLOCK, GET LAMP, IN, E, S, THROW BLOCK (a spear drops to the ground), N, W, OUT, GET ALL, IN, E, S, S, W, S, W, PUSH ROOF (with Boathook. This produces another opening), GET * IDOL *, U, E, N, E, N, N, W, OUT, N, U, W, W, W, W, PULL VINE, W, W, W, W, W, W, S (w.f.t.t.), W, W, S, S, OPEN GATE, E, U, U, E, E, E, N, N, N, OPEN GATE (with the key), SE, W (here is an H), E, U, U, N, DROP IDOL (you are given a * BAG OF SILVER * in return), GET IDOL, S, D, D, OPEN GATE, NW, S, S, S, W, U, N, DROP ROBE, DROP IDOL, DROP BAG, PULL CORD (a guard asks you for the password), SAY WEALTH (the 6 letters in right order), W (You've won the game and are now GRANDMASTER ADVENTURER with a score of 1000/1000!!)

Treasures: 1. Map  2. Chest  3. Nugget  4. Opal  5. Platinum Pyramid     6. Dubloons  7. Coconut  8. Brooch  9. Necklace  10. Figurine
 11. Robe  12. Painting  13. Diamonds  14. Rare Gems  15. Ruby
 16. Sapphire  17. Coronet  18. Sword  19. Idol  20. Bag of Silver

Jacob Gunness - d.21/11-1990.