The History
Richard H.īs 

1979          A-Code devised.

1981          Level 9 founded by Mike, Nick and Pete Austin.

                  Early non-adventure releases:
                  (a) Extension Basic

1983      .   Ziploc bag releases:
                  (1) Colossal Adventure
                  (2) Adventure Quest
                  (3) Dungeon Adventure
                  (4) Snowball
                  (5) Lords of Time

                  Packaging update: (1)-(5) re-packaged in cardboard boxes

1984          Packaging update: (1)-(5) re-packaged in plastic wallets

          Oct  (6) Return to Eden

1985          (7) Emerald Isle

                  Packaging update: (1)-(7) re-packaged in smaller plastic
                  wallets (130x86x18).

          Jul    (8) Red Moon
                  (9) The Worm in Paradise
                  (10) The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 (for
                  (11) The Archers (for Mosaic)
                  (12) The Saga of Erik the Viking

1986          Lenslok introduced.

                 (13) The Price of Magik
                 (14) Jewels of Darkness Trilogy (for BT)

                 Lenslok excluded again.

                 (15) Silicon Dreams Trilogy (for BT)

1987         KAOS devised.

          Jul   (16) Knight Orc (for BT)

                  Level 9 no longer use any standard packaging format.

                 (17) The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (for Virgin)

         Sep  (18) Gnome Ranger

1988         (19) Time and Magik Trilogy (for Mandarin)
                 (20) Lancelot (for Mandarin)
                 (21) Ingrid's Back (for Mandarin)

1989         (22) Scapeghost

                  H.U.G.E. devised.

1991          Champion of the Raj
                  It Came from the Desert (PC port for Cinemaware)

                  Level 9 decide to quit writing games. The individual brothers
                  go on working for software developers.