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1. How to use these clues

Listed below are most of the things, interesting locations and main puzzles
in Colossal Adventure. Look down the list to locate what you want to know
about and then turn to the entries indicated by the bracketed numbers to
find out more about it. Of course, when you do turn to an entry you may find
that it gives a short clue and you have to turn to yet more entries if you
want to know the full story.


Try to only read the clue entries that you are actually directed to.
Otherwise you may acidentally [sic] see solutions to problems that you've
not yet reached in the game. A few red herrings have been mixed in with the
real clues to reduce the risk of this - you won't be referred to them if you
use this clue sheet properly, but reading random entries can be misleading!

These clues are strictly copyright (C) 1983 Level 9 Computing.


 2. Axe: where it is (210), details (184).
 3. Bars of Silver: where they are (220), details (144).
 4. Beans: where they are (135), details (190).
 5. Bear: where it is (233), details (202).
 6. Bird: where it is (286), details (260).
 7. Bottle: where it is (200), details (287).
 8. Bunch of Keys: where it is (200), details (236).
 9. Cage: where it is (182), details (197).
10. Canoe: where it is (135), details (190).
11. Carpet: where it is (261), details (156).
12. Chain: where it is (289), details (315).
13. Chair: where it is (141), details (174).
14. Chest: where it is (167), details (144).
15. Clam: where it is (234), details (290).
16. Coins: where they are (231), details (225)
17. Crown: where it is (136), details (180)
18. Cup: where it is (135), details (135)
19. Diamonds: where they are (147), details (169)
20. Dragon: where it is (262), details (156)
21. Dwarf/Dwarves: location (133), details (301)
22. Dungeon Door: where it is (300), details (142)
23. Dynamite: where it is (209), details (132)
24. Eggs: where they are (235), details (188)
25. Elixir of Life: where it is (155), details (219).
26. Elves: where they are (138), details (304).
27. Emerald: where it is (303), details (169).
28. Fish: where it is (135), details (273).
29. Food: where it is (228), details (202).
30. Gold Nugget: where it is (211), details (159).
31. Grate: where it is (73), details (221).
32. Hat: where it is (135), details (174).
33. Jewelry: where it is (193), details (169).
34. Keys: where they are (200), details (236).
35. Lamp: where it is (200), details (305).
36. Magazine: where it is (183), details (263).
37. Mirror: where it is (237), details (244).
38. Nugget of Gold: where it is (238), details (159).
39. Orb: where it is (136), details (180).
40. Orc: where it is (141), details (239).
41. Paddle: where it is (149), details (273).
42. Pearl: where it is (173), details (144).
43. Pentacle: where it is (155), details (194).
44. Pillow: where it is (266), details (206).
45. Pirate: where he is (196), details (201).
46. Pirate's Chest: where it is (167), details (144).
47. Plant: where it is (151), details (140).
48. Platinum Pyramid: where it is (154), details (169).
49. Rockfall: where it is (205), details (205).
50. Rod: where it is (170), details (139).
51. Rug: where it is (261), details (156).
52. Sceptre: where it is (136), details (180).
53. Shadowy Figure: where s/he is (267), details (244).
54. Sharp Sand: where it is (135), details (190).
55. Skeletons: where they are (130), details (219).
56. Snake: where it is (214), details (137).
57. Spelunker's Gazette: where it is (240), details (157).
58. Spices: where they are (168), details (169).
59. Spider: where it is (136), details (230).
60. Table: where it is (141), details (174).
61. Treasure Chest: where it is (167), details (144).
62. Trident: where it is (208), details (268).
63. Troll: where it is (172), details (284).
64. Vase: where it is (176), details (206).
65. Vending Machine: where it is (297), details (242).


66. Alcove by narrow passage: location (243), details (131).
67. Barren Room with Bear: Location (218), details (202).
68. Bedquilt: location (143), details (148).
69. Below Deck: location (135), details (149).
70. Building: location (179), details (198).
71. Danger Room: location (135), details (190).
72. Debris Room: location (207), details (226).
73. Depression with Grate: location (177), details (221).
74. Dark Room: location (232), details (186).
75. "Different" Maze: location (192), details (297).
76. Dungeon Chambers: location (213), details (304).
77. Dungeon Corridor: location (291), details (223).
78. East Bank of Hall of Mists Chasm: location (166), details (139).
79. East Pit (Two-pit Room): location (181), details (203).
80. Game Room: location (174), details (141).
81. Giant Room: location (178), details (175).
81. [sic] Hall of Mists: location (185), details (186).
83. Hall of the Mountain Kings: location (158), details (195).
84. Hard Rock: location (135), details (171).
85. Hilltop Below Pinnacle: location (146), details (212).
86. Lava Chasm: location (224), details (139).
87. Maze of "Different" Passages: location (294), details (297).
88. Maze of "Same" Passages: location (293), details (145).
89. Maze of Stone Passages: location (295), details (223).
90. Mirror Canyon: location (227), details (244).
91. Orange Column in Maze: location (134), details (167).
92. Oriental Room: location (150), details (186).
93. Picnic Spot: location (187), details (276).
94. Pinnacle: location (316), details (316).
95. Plover Room: location (245), details (282).
96. Room of Roots: location (141), details (190).
97. Santa's Grotto: location (199), details (164).
98. Soft Room: location (204), details (271).
99. Spiral Stairs: location (272), details (296).
100. Stairs outside Dungeon: location (272), details (306).
101. Swiss Cheese Room: location (163), details (280).
102. Throne Room: location (273), details (141).
103. Tiny Room: location (141), details (273).
104. Top of Pinnancle [sic]: location (277), details (230).
105. Troll Bridge: location (308), details (284).
106. Two Pit Room: location (246), details (299).
107. Underground Stream: location (274), details (278).
108. Volcano: location (251), details (251).
109. Web Cavern: location (162), details (247).
110. West Bank of Hall of Mists Chasm: location (248), details (139).
111. West End of Hall of Mists: location (275), details (153).
112. West End of Long Passage: location (248), details (275).
113. West Pit (Two-pit Room): location (181), details (160).
114. Window at Pit: location (249), details (244).
115. Witt's End: location (152), details (250).
116. Y2: location (252), details (279).

     Other Clues

117. Entering the caves (161).
118. Bypassing the snake (137).
119. Finishing the first part of the game (310).
120. Finishing the endgame (317).
121. All the Treasures (285).
122. All the magic words (253).
123. Scoring (298).


130. In the dead end, east and north from the Dungeon Corridor.
131. The passage east is very narrow so you can't carry much through it. The
        emerald is the only object small enough.
132. It explodes when you enter BLAST. For more information see (165).
133. They appear randomly when you're in the main cave network.
134. S, E, S, S, S, N, E from the West End of the Hall of Mists.
135. Not in this game!
136. In Web Cavern, in the end game.
137. Free the bird from the cage to chase the Snake off.
138. In the Dungeon Chambers, in the end game, There are 2 groups.
139. Waving the rod creates/destroys a bridge.
140. Water it. For more information see (215).
141. It does not exist.
142. Lock it from the outside for protection.
143. N, D, W, D, W from the Hall of the Mountain Kings.
144. Just a valuable treasure.
145. The Pirate's Chest is hidden here. See (167).
146. East and up repeatedly from the Depression.
147. On the West Bank of Hall of Mists Chasm.
148. Movement east and west is normal. Other directions move you to random
        locations in the caves nearby.
149. It protects you from the orcs.
150. NE from the Swiss Cheese Room.
151. In the West Pit of Two-pit Room.
152. East repeatedly from Bedquilt.
153. South from here takes you into the "Different" Maze. See (309).
154. In the Dark Room.
155. At the bottom of the Spiral Stairs in the end game.
156. Attack the Dragon with your bare hands to get the Rug.
157. Leave it somewhere for a bonus. See (115).
158. Down from the Hall of Mists.
159. A very heavy treasure with no other use. See (216) for how to get it
        out of the caves.
160. Do something to the plant. See (140).
161. Find the Grate and enter through it. See (177) for where it is and
        (221) for more information.
162. East from the Stairs in the end game, about 4 locations above the
        Dungeon Door.
163. West from Bedquilt.
164. Where the fairies make toys.
165. Don't hold it, or stand beside it, when this happens. For more
        information see (254).
166. West from the main part of the Hall of Mists.
167. The Pirate's Treasure Chest is near the Orange Column in the "Same"
        Maze. For more information see (229).
168. Some way from the Troll Bridge, roughly northeast from it.
169. Just a valuable treasure.
170. In the Debris Room.
171. A propaganda exercise.
172. Under the Troll Bridge. Try crossing it
173. In the clam (east and north from Bedquilt). If you can't open it, see
174. It does not exist.
175. The room is nothing special. However it has a link with the eggs, see
        (217), and the gate is difficult to open, see (255).
176. In the Oriental Room.
177. Follow the valley south from outside the building.
178. Reached from the West Pit (Two-pit Room) by climbing the plant.
179. East from where you start.
180. One of the Elves' Crown Jewels. A treasure.
181. Down from the Two-pit Room, west of the Swiss Cheese Room.
182. In the cobble crawl passage, in and west from the Grate.
183. In the anteroom, east and east again from Bedquilt.
184. Throw it at the evil dwarves to get rid of them in the first part of
        the game.
185. West repeatedly and down from the Debris Room.
186. Just an ordinary room.
187. East and south repeatedly from the Building.
188. They are a treasure with a special feature. See (217).
189. The Trident is needed.
190. It is no help at all.
191. Do not touch it!
192. South from the West End of the Long Passage.
193. South of the Hall of the Mountain Kings.
194. It only allows you to see if your lamp is off. There's another use,
        too, see (230).
195. You can get rid of the snake if you try. See (137).
196. If you are carrying any treasure in the caves, he may appear to rob
197. It is needed for you to catch the bird. If the bird keeps flying away,
        see (256).
198. Where you should leave treasures to get full points for them. Some
        magic words work here.
199. Greenland, I'm told.
200. In the building.
201. When the pirate has robbed you, see (196), he takes the loot to his
        treasure chest in the maze. See (167).
202. Feed the sandwiches to the bear to pacify him. Then see (270).
203. Fill the bottle with oil. Then see (255).
204. East of the Swiss Cheese Room.
205. There are many rockfalls. All of them are impassible.
206. If lying on the ground, the pillow protects the vase when you drop it.
207. In, west and west from the Grate.
208. Beyond the gate north of the Giant Room. See (255) to open the gate.
209. In the Colossal Cavern at the start of the end game.
210. The first dwarf throws it at you. Keep it!
211. South of the Hall of Mists.
212. It really is unclimable [sic]. You reach the top in the end game.
213. North and South of the Dungeon Corridor in the end game.
214. In the Hall of the Mountain Kings.
215. The bottle can be filled at the River, Reservoir etc. Water the plant
        twice to make it grow. Then see (258).
216. Go to Y2 and say PLUGH.
217. The eggs return to the Giant Room when you say FEE (return), FIE
        (return), FOE (return), and finally FOO. See (257) for how to use this.
218. Across the troll bridge, east to the fork and down repeatedly. Then in.
219. Drop the Elixir of Life on the Skeletons in the end game.
220. South of Y2, north of the Hall of the Mountain Kings.
221. Unlock the grate with the key from the Building. Then enter.
222. You can catch it in the cage. If it flies away, see (292). It's quite
        useful, see (137).
223. From the top of the ladder in the Maze of Stone Passages, move east and
        down before heading west.
224. West of the Dungeon Corridor in the end game.
225. They are a treasure, and also have a use. See (242).
226. Saying XYZZY returns you to the building.
227. West, up and north from west Two-pit Room.
228. At the Picnic Spot in the Forest.
229. A diagonal move (eg. SW) is needed to reach it. See (259) as well.
230. When the Spider is staring at the pentacle, throw it off the pinnacle.
231. Down the well in the Building.
232. Northeast from the Plover Room.
233. In the Barren Room.
234. East and North from Bedquilt.
235. In the Giant Room.
236. Unlocks things. See (221) and (270).
237. In Mirror Canyon.
238. In the low room, south of the Hall of Mists.
239. Leave it strictly alone!
240. West twice from Bedquilt.
241. It is a treasure.
242. When you drop coins beside the vending machine, it replaces your lamp
        batteries. See (297) for the location.
243. North and West of the Oriental Room.
244. The mirror is just there to confuse you by showing your shadowy
        reflection at the Window onto the Pit.
245. East of the Alcove, through a narrow crack.
246. West of the Swiss Cheese Room.
247. Don't climb the web until you're [sic] got rid of the Spider, see
248. West of the East bank.
249. There are actually two of these. The main one is west of Y2.
250. Leave something here for a bonus, see (57). Move south repeatedly to
251. Scenery at the extreme north of the "world". It can't be passed.
252. North twice from the Hall of the Mountain Kings.
253. XYZZY, PLUGH and see (264) for more.
254. Drop it beside the sleeping dwarves and retreat southwest, first.
255. Having filled the bottle, use it to oil the Giant Room Gate.
256. The rod frightens it off. Don't carry this when you're trying to catch
257. If you were to pay the troll with it, and then use its "power"...
258. Climb it.
259. It only appears when the pirate has robbed you, and his loot is beside
260. Take it to the Snake. See (9) and (137).
261. Under the dragon, SW and W of the Hall of the Mountain Kings.
262. On the rug, SW and W of the Hall of the Mountain Kings.
263. Leave it somewhere for a bonus, see (115).
264. FEE, FIE, FOE, FOO and see (281) for more.
266. In the Soft Room.
267. Visible from the Window at the Pit.
268. A treasure with another function, see (290).
269. It protects you from ghosts.
270. Unlock the bear with the Keys. Then see (311).
271. The vase can be dropped here, though there's not much point in this.
272. West from the Lava chasm in the end game.
273. Never heard of it!
274. Above Web Cavern. Feeds into the Reservoir.
275. South from here takes you into the "Different" Maze.
276. Don't drop litter!
277. Above the Spiral Stairs.
278. Follow it west to emerge safe by the Reservoir.
279. Say PLUGH here to return to the building. See (283) as well.
280. The exits NW and S only let you pass some of the time.
281. PLOVER is the last one. They all work if you say them in the right way
        and, for some, in the right place.
282. Say a magic word here.
283. The magic word mentioned in (281) works too!
284. Normally, you lose a treasure to the troll in payment for crossing.
        Give one to him. To cross NE without paying see (319) and to return
        free see (311).
285. There are 15 in the first part of the game. See (302) for details.
286. In and repeatedly west from the Grate, in a splendid chamber.
287. It can be filled with liquids. See (215) and (79).
288. The rod frightens it. You can open it if you know how. See (312).
289. Restraining the bear.
290. The trident allows you to open the clam.
291. Between the "Stone" Maze and the Dungeon Door.
292. The rod frightens it.
293. South from the West End of the Hall of Mists.
294. South from the West End of the Long Passage.
295. At the top of the ladder in the end game.
296. They climb from the pit to the Top of the Pinnacle.
297. The "Different" Maze holds the Vending Machine. See (309) to find it.
298. You score 30, minus 10 per death, plus 30 for reaching the Hall of
        Mists, plus 50 for reaching the end game. 5 points for finding each
        treasure, plus 10 for owning or collecting it - the crown jewels count
        50 each, though. There are also bonusses of 9 for not using Quit, and 1
        for not using Save - and 5 for leaving the right object in the right
        place. 20 for exploding the dynamite, 80 for killing the evil dwarves,
        100 for surviving the blast, 100 for each group of elves rescued and
        100 for finishing the game. A total of 1100.
299. Try going down into the pits.
300. Between the stairs and the Dungeon.
301. Wandering dwarves are always hostile. Either run away (they won't
        follow outside the central part of the caves) or throw the axe at them.
        Let sleeping dwarves lie.
302. The first five are: a gold nugget, bars of silver, jewelry, diamonds
        and the emerald. See (307) for more.
303. In the Plover Room.
304. Unlock the live elves with the key. To save the skeleton elves, see
305. Light the lamp to see in darkness, and turn it off in light to save
        batteries. It is just possible to finish without needing new batteries,
        but if you do need them see (242).
306. The dungeon door is here. See (142).
307. Platinum pyramid, gold eggs, ming vase, trident, pearl, and see (313).
308. From the Oriental Room, west, southwest, north.
309. From the West End of the Long Passage, S, Climb, at Vending Machine, N,
        Up, out again.
310. Collect all the treasures (see 121) and the endgame will start
311. Take the bear and throw it at the troll.
312. Use the trident.
313. Coins, chain, rug, pirate's chest, and spices - plus the 3 elvish crown
        jewels in the end game.
314. Use the aqualung.
315. It locks up the bear, but it is very valuable - one of the treasures.
316. It rises from a hilltop and is totally unclimbable - though the endgame
        involves visiting the top via a central spiral staircase.
317. Use the dynamite to blast the evil dwarves, escape the flood via the
        maze of stone passages, rescue all three groups of elves, into Web
        Cavern and dispose of the spider, up the web with the crown jewels and
        out of the cave.
318. Smash the vase.
319. Give the gold eggs.
320. Jump through the window.