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1. How to use these clues.

Listed below are most of the objects, creatures, particluarly [sic]
interesting places and puzzles in Adventure Quest. Look down the list to
locate what you want to know more about and then turn to the entries
indicated by the bracketed numbers to find out more about it. Of course,
when you do turn to the answer, you may find that it just gives a short clue
and that you have to turn to further entries to learn more.


Try to only read the clues that you are actually directed to. Otherwise you
may read solutions that you have not yet reached in the game. A few red
herrings have been mixed in with the real clues to reduce the risk of this -
you won't encounter them if you use the clue sheet properly.

A great deal of care has been used to ensure that this sheet is accurate,
but it could differ slightly from the game in one of two places. In such
cases the game is always right!

These clues are strictly copyright (c) 1984 Level 9 Computing.

Objects and Creatures

 2. AGALIAREPT: location (334), details (390).
 3. Bag of Wind: location (241), details (213).
 4. Ball (Silver): location (412), details (394).
 5. BALROG: location (287), details (410).
 6. Bane Fire: location (312), details (218).
 7. Bell: location (211), details (319).
 8. Bible Belt: location (330), details (226).
 9. Black Dots: more information (228).
10. Black Horror: location (241), details (210).
11. Boots: location (233), details (214).
12. Bottle: location (220), details (282).
13. Brazier: location (325), details (308).
14. Bridges: more information (310).
15. Bunch of Keys: location (220), details (338).
16. Buttercup: location (361), details (361).
17. Chains: location (370), details (386).
18. Clam: location (254), details (420).
19. Cloak: location (434), details (275).
20. Coals: location (285), details (296).
21. Coil of Rope: location (321), details (339).
22. Compass: location (417), details (427).
23. Dancing Water: location (226), details (330).
24. Demon Lord: location (334), details (390).
25. Djinn: location (425), details (333).
26. Dots (Black and White): more information (228).
27. Dracula: location (239), details (277).
28. Dragon: location (272), details (372).
29. Dryad, location (362), details (362).
30. Earth-Stone: location (235), details (449).
31. Egg: location (272), details (258).
32. Emerald Eye: location (241), details (262).
33. Face in the Marsh: location (281), details (360).
34. Fish: location (211), details (318).
35. Flames and Fires: more information (424).
36. Fruit: location (203), details (238).
37. Gallows: location (208), details (337).
38. Garlic: location (215), details (277).
39. Ghosts: location (348), details (341).
40. Giant: location (401), details (394).
41. Glowing Coals: location (285), details (296).
42. Hand: location (281), details (336).
43. Hole under Water: location (363) details (324).
44. Imp: location (330), details (426).
45. Jelly-Fish: location (211), details (318).
46. Keys: location (220), details (338).
47. Lamp: location (223), details (191).
48. Lizard: location (201), details (226).
49. Lung-Fish: location (219), details (236).
50. Medallion Talisman: location (230), details (240).
51. Mist-Stone: location (257), details (406).
52. Nest: location (414), details (258).
53. Net: location (376), details (318).
54. Nimrod: location (330), details (361).
55. Octopus: location (229), details (207).
56. Ogre: location (241), details (210).
57. Onion: location (288), details (375).
58. Orchid: location (345), details (346)
59. Orcs: more information (252).
60. Pan Pipes: location (230), details (255).
61. PHOENIX: location (258), details (225).
62. Pile of Rocks: location (385), details (356).
63. Priestess: location (249), details (268).
64. Quicksand: location (260), details (280),
65. Rock Pile: locations (385), details (356).
66. Rope: location (321), details (339).
67. Ruby: location (404), details (210).
68. Scroll: location (212), details (379).
69. Sandworm: location (355), details (381).
70. Shadows: location (289), details (341).
71. Sharks: location (293), details (302).
72. Slab of Rock: location (273), details (391).
73. Sling: location (220), details (304).
74. Snakes: location (349), details (255).
75. Snowman: location (245), details (386).
76. Sphinx: location (221), details (371).
77. Spider: location (400), details (408).
78. Staff: location (409), details (433).
79. Standing Stones: location (366), details (341).
80. Star-Stone: location (325), details (365).
81. Statue: location (250), details (422).
82. Stones of the Elements: more information (373).
83. Sun-Dial: location (383), details (404).
84. Sun-Stone: location (278), details (323).
85. Sword: location (202), details (317).
86. Table: location (220), details (359).
87. Talisman Medallion: location (230), details (240).
88. Tentacled Creature: location (241), details (210).
89. Towers: more information (243).
90. Trident: location (292), details (269).
91. Unicorn: location (247), details (346).
92. Vampire: location (239), details (277).
93. Vampire House: location (239), details (320).
94. Well: location (220), details (256).
95. White Dots: more information (228).
96. Will O'Wisp: location (326), details (222).
97. Wind-Bag: location (241), details (213).
98. Wizard. location (200), details (212).
99. Wolves: location (231), details (244).
100. Worm: location (355), details (381).


101. Alcove in Dark Tower: location (286), details (416).
102. Alter: location (415), details (204).
103. Bane Fire: location (312), details (218).
104. Beaches: location (259), details (279).
105. Black Pillar: location (335), details (319).
106. Black Tower: location (217), details (344).
107. Bridge of Rope: location (224), details (261).
108. Bridge of Stone: location (352), details (410).
109. Building at End of Road: location (300), details (204).
110. Cairn-Topped Hill: location (322), details (329).
111. Canyon in the Desert: location (365a), details (402).
112. Causeway in the Marsh: location (440), details (405).
113. Cave: above Volcano: location (227), details (445).
114. Cave, Massive: location (367), details (319).
115. Cave, near Snowman: location (398), details (291).
116. Cave, of the Sun-Dial: location (393), details (391).
117. Church, under Water: location (254), details (319).
118. Clearing in the Forest: location (428), details (346).
119. Crater of Volcano: location (299), details (313).
120. Coals, glowing redly: location (285), details (296).
121. Crevasse, under Water: location (248), details (324).
122. Dark Tower: location (217), details (344).
123. Desert: location (266), details (367).
124. Dragon's Lair: location (368), details (418).
125. Dry Canyon in the Desert: location (331), details (402).
126. Edge of the Fertile Land: location (266), details (204).
127. Gallows: location (208), details (337).
128. Gate of Rock: location (431), details (419).
129. Gate of Gold: location (353), details (323).
130. Gate of Silver: location (311). details (365).
131. Gate of Glass: location (421), details (406).
132. Glowing Coals on the Ground: location (285), details (296).
133. Grate: location (216), details (209).
134. Gulley leading to the Dry Waterfall: location (216), details (377).
135. Hall of Marble: location (226), details (319).
136. Hell-Well: location (242), details (246).
137. Hilltop with Cairn: location (322), details (329).
138. Hot Passage: location (347), details (296).
139. Lake: location (351), details (259).
140. Ledge above the River: location (358), details (204),
141. Ledge along West Wall of Cave: location (392), details (442).
142. Marsh: location (429), details (405).
143. Mills of God: location (361), details (361).
144. Moor: location (234), details (441).
145. Oasis: location (223), details (267).
146. Octopus Lair: location (369), details (207).
147. Orc Lair: location (444), details (449).
148. Orc Tower: location (253), details (305).
149. Pillar in the Desert: location (335), details (319).
150. Pinnacle rising from the Forest: location (288), details (212).
151. Pit of the Demon Lord: location (389), details (446),
152. Pyramid: location (221), details (381).
153. Quicksand: locations (260), details (280).
154. Ramp up the Dark Tower: location (443), details (430).
155. Ravine down from the Moor: location (413), details (319).
156. Rivers: more information (232).
157. Road to Ruin: location (361), details (226).
158. Rocky Outcrop: location (237), details (205).
159. Rope Bridge: location (224), details (261).
160. Sheep Track: location (380), details (394).
161. Sheltered Wadi in the Desert: location (378), details (402).
162. Snowfield: location (314), details (386).
163. Snowman's Cave: location (398), details (291).
164. Stairs behind the Waterfall: location (382), details (430).
165. Stairs up the Mountainside: location (327), details (305).
166. Stairs inside the Orc Tower: location (321), details (210).
167. Stalagmite: location (309), details (438).
168. Standing Stones: location (366), details (341).
169. Sun-Dial Cave: location (393), details (391).
170. Temple to the Sun: location (349), details (249).
171. Throne Room: location (206), details (390).
172. Tower - Dark Tower: location (217), details (344).
173. Tower guarded by Orcs: location (253), details (305).
174. Tower Room (in the Vampire House): location (384), details (439).
175. Track up the Mountainside: location (380), details (394).
176. Tree in the Forest: location (437), details (448).
177. Underwater Church: location (254), details (204).
178. Underwater Crevasse: location (248), details (324).
179. Underwater Hang-gliding School: location (226), details (361).
180. Vampire House: location (239), details (320).
181. Volcano Crater: location (299), details (313).
182. Wadi: location (378), details (402).
183. Well: location (220), details (256).

Other Clues

190. Scoring (297).
191. Seeing in the Dark (276).
192. All the objects (306).
193. Brief details of the Route to the Dark Tower (403).
194. How to get things to the Dark Tower (324).
195. Why do I get resurrected in a different place each time? See (399).


200. On the Pinnacle, when you first visit there.
201. In the Underwater Hang-gliding School.
202. Give object (32) to thing (81).
203. Drop the Staff.
204. Nothing special happens here.
205. You're safe here if the Sandworm emerges. See also (251).
206. In the Dark Tower, beyond the Gate of Glass.
207. Carry the Bag to defeat the Octopus.
208. On the stairs up the Mountainside.
209. You can't move this, or go through it. For what was beyond here, play
        our previous game "Colossal Adventure". It was sealed up long before
        the time of "Adventure Quest".
210. Throw the Ruby at the creature in the Orc Tower.
211. In the Underwater Church.
212. The Wizard hands you the Scroll.
213. Open it to blow the Djinn away. See also (207).
214. They protect against Quicksand.
215. It's the Onion.
216. South of the Building where you start.
217. Out of the Tower Room Window, south across Quicksand.
218. This is the source of the Demon Lord's power. To destroy it. see (263).
219. On the Ledge above the River.
220. In the Building.
221. In the Desert. From the Edge of the Fertile Land, try: N, N, N, W, N,
        LOOK, E, E.
222. The Will O'Wisp can't harm you directly, and you can't touch it, but
        you don't visit there unless you can walk on Quicksand!
223. In the Desert, beyond the Djinn.
224. Between the Ledge along the West Wall of Cave and the Orc Lair.
225. The PHOENIX is your companion. See also (270).
226. Not in this game.
227. West, beyond the Dragon.
228. There are two types of dots: white dots, see (283); and black dots, see
        (294). Four of each.
229. East of the Underwater Crevasse.
230. At the end of the path leading north past the Unicorn.
231. In the forest round the Building at the End of the Road.
232. There are three rivers. The first flows south along a valley from the
        Building where you start; the second flows north into the lake in the
        crater, see (298); and the third drains south off the Moor, along a
        Ravine, falling to the marsh below. see (301).
233. In the Tower Room of the Vampire House.
234. Far below the Stone Bridge. See also (290).
235. Above the Stalagmite.
236. Each time you take this, it changes what you can breathe. See also
237. East of the Pyramid.
238. It's not too important, but you can eat it. See also (284).
239. In the Marsh. See also (271).
240. Carry it when you enter the Throne Room of the Black Tower. Then see
241. In the room at the top of the Stairs inside the Orc Tower.
242. At the bottom of the Volcano Crater. See also (313).
243. There are two towers; the Orc Tower, see (148) and the Dark Tower. see
244. They don't follow you if you leave the Forest. See also (274).
245. On the Snowfield.
246. You are attacked by fire elementals but can fight them off with the
        sword. See also (275).
247. In a Clearing in the Forest.
248. At the north of the lake.
249. The Priestess lives in the Temple to the Sun. See also (268).
250. North of the massive Cave.
251. When the Sandworm emerges beside the Sphinx, this is engulfed.
252. Orcs are evil goblins who serve the Demon Lord. There are four groups
        of these loathsome creatures. The first lot guard their Orc Tower and
        will kill anyone who approaches, see (316). The second contingent have
        a Lair near the massive cave. The third group are guarding the
        Cairn-Topped Hill north of the Moor, see (329). Finally, the Dark Tower
        is swarming with Orc soldiers and servants, see (332).
253. Blocking the Stairs up the Mountainside.
254. In the Lake.
255. Play the Pipes to charm the Snakes away.
256. There' [sic] no reason to visit here during the game. However, if you
        can get here with a light - and it stays lit - there is a message for
        you to read.
257. In the Marsh, due east of the Standing Stones and some way from them.
        See also (222).
258. Drop the egg in the burning Nest.
259. There are two beaches, on the north and south sides of the crater Lake.
        To travel between them, you need to cross the lake, under water, see
        (264). To open the door from the north beach, see (307).
260. In the Marsh, some way east of the Standing Stones, and South of the
        Vampire House.
261. Cross this to retrieve the Earth-Stone when the Orcs have stolen it. If
        the orcs are pursuing you, see (295).
262. Give it to the Statue to be rewarded. See (85).
263. The PHOENIX helps, if it is following you.
264. Taking the Lung-Fish switches what you can breathe between air and
        water. Thus it is possible to take it, jump down into the river, cross
        the lake under water, drop the Lung-Fish and take it again befor [sic]
        climbing up to the beach on the north shore.
265. Wave it. Then see (416).
266. Due north of the Building where you start.
267. A source of water. Look in the pool, too.
268. Her temple is blockaded by creatures of the Demon Lord, but she can
        help if you get rid of them.
269. When dropped, it draws water from the Earth. In this way, it created
        the oasis. For its purpose in the game, see (302).
270. Let it follow you when you seek our [sic] the Demon Lord in the Black
271. From the Standing Stones, move: E, E, S, S, S, W, W, IN.
272. In the Dragon's Lair.
272. On the north side of the Dry Canyon, fairly near the Oasis.
274. They're really very timid. Throw things to scare them off.
275. The insulation Cloak protects you in the Hell-Well. See (296) for more
        information about it.
276. Find the lamp, light it and carry it: See (47). See also (318).
277. Eat the Garlic for protection against Vampires.
278. West of the Bridge of Stone, on the Alter.
279. There are two beaches. Anything dropped in the river is washed up on
        the south beach. You need to reach the north beach, see also (259).
280. You'll drown without the water-proof Boots
281. In the Marsh.
282. It can be filled with liquid. See also (303)
283. These mark teleport destinations. They have no use in themselves.
284. This warms you slightly on the Moor. See (308) for how to get warm
285. In the Hot Passage.
286. From the Throne Room, move: N, W, W, W, S, E.
287. On the Bridge of Stone, if you've taken the Sun-Stone.
288. Up repeatedly from the Grate or Gulley.
289. Below the Standing Stones.
290. Either jump down from the east side of the chasm (west of the Hot
        Passage), or (better) smite the Bridge of Stone from under the Balrog's
        feet with the sword.
291. Move Out to return to the Snowfield. Try throwing things. See also
292. In the pool at the Oasis.
293. In the lake.
294. These mark teleport exits. The exit below each Black Dot takes you to
        the corresponding White Dot, far away. This is one way of returning for
        objects which you may have left behind, earlier in the game.
295. Cut it with your sword.
296. Throw the cloak onto the glowing Coals so you can walk on them.
297. Scoring is for: each "Stone of the Element" owned, with bonusses for
        getting deeper into the game, and completing your task in the Dark
        Tower. Points are lost for taking a long time, and for being killed.
298. When the ledge gives way, you must climb up. The river ends in rapids
        which descend to the lake, and you'll die if you can't breathe water.
299. Between the Cave above the Volcano and Hell-Well.
300. IN from where you start.
301. There are steps down into the Ravine on its west side, at the southern
        edge of the Moor.
302. Carry the Trident to fend off Sharks.
303. Fill it when water is nearby, then drink the water if you are thirsty
        in the Desert. See also (340).
304. You need a sling stone too. Use (4). See (394).
305. Don't approach the Tower unless you have got rid of the Orcs. See
306. The magic items are the Stones-of-the-Elements, see (373), and the
        Medallion Talisman of Good. For other objects, see (315).
307. Oil it, see (354). Then unlock it, see (357).
308. Drop the Brazier to warm yourself. See also (341)
309. In the massive Cave.
310. There are two bridges. One is of Rope, see (107) and the other is of
        Stone, see (108).
311. In the Dark Tower, above the Gate of Gold.
312. In the Pit.
313. To descend the Volcanic Crater, wait in the Cave above the Volcano
        until fires leap to NE and SW. Then move DOWN every other turn, e.g:
        D, LOOK, D, INV .. etc. Take the insulation Cloak on the way.
314. At the top of the Stairs up the Mountainside.
315. Water-proof Boots, Bottle, Brazier, Bunch of Keys, insulation Cloak,
        Egg, Emerald Eye, Ruby, Lung-Fish, Fruit and see (328).
316. Bypass the Orc Tower via the Sheep Track. Scare off the Giant. Then get
        the Snowman to help you, see (386).
317. A valuable weapon. Carry it with you. Examples of its uses are (336)
        and (408).
318. Catch the luminous Jelly in the Net to provide light under water.
319. Just scenery.
320. Move Out to return to the Causeway. I hope you've eaten the Garlic!
        See also (217) to reach the Black Tower.
321. In the Orc Tower.
322. To the north of the bleak Moor. See also (374).
323. Insert the Sun-Stone into the Gate of Gold. See also (435).
324. Things dropped at the west end of the Crevasse, under water, are sucked
        away. See (342) for where they end up. You can also throw things off
        the ledge in the Snowman' [sic] Cave, and out of the Vampire House
        window, to move them forwards.
325. On the Cairn-Topped Hill.
326. In the Marsh, due east of the Standing Stones.
327. Up from the east end of the Sheltered Wadi in the desert.
328. Jelly-Fish, Lamp, fishing Net, Onion (Garlic really), Orchid, Pan
        Pipes, Staff of the Seasons, Coil of Rope, Scroll and silver Ball. See
        also (350).
329. Escape down the steep hillside.
330. Not in this game.
331. West of the Wadi.
332. Avoid them! Perhaps you could use the (50) to give yourself more time.
333. If you push past the Djinn, or rub the lamp when he is inside, he will
        zap you to random locations in fury. This could leave you under water.
        See also )343).
334. In the Throne Room.
335. In the Desert. From the Edge of the Fertile Land, move: N, N, E, E.
336. Cut the skeletal Hands with the Sword.
337. Warning scenery. Don't go any nearer to the Orc Tower while it's
338. The keys are useful for unlocking things. See (386) and (357).
339. Tie the Rope to the Stalagmite in the Snowman's Cave so you can go
        down. Then see (298).
340. Fill the bottle with oil from the Wadi, too. See also (259).
341. The Ghosts drain your life energy. Drop the Brazier to dispel them.
342. The foot of the Black Tower.
343. Open the Wind-Bag to blow the Djinn away.
344. The Lair of the Demon lord, AGALIAREPT. You must use the
        Stones-of-Elements to gain entry, then use (50). Then, head for the
        Bane-Fire in the Pit.
345. In the Gulley. See (359).
346. Give the Orchid to the Unicorn and follow it.
347. West of the bottom of Hell-Well.
348. Below the Standing Stones.
349. On top of the Pyramid. See (76) and (255).
350. Sling, Snowman, Sun-dial, Sword, Table, Trident and Wind-Bag. Early
        versions of the game have a Compass, too.
351. At the end of the river, see (339).
352. West of the Hot Passage.
353. In the Dark Tower, above the Gate of Rock.
354. Use oil from the Bottle.
355. In the Desert. It gets closer as you try to escape. See (387).
356. Push the Rocks down on the Orcs guarding their Tower. See (386).
357. Use the key to unlock the door from the north Beach.
358. Above the River, see (339) to get there. Drop everything and climb up.
359. Drop the Table below the Orchid and you can reach it.
360. One of the Dark Tower's defences, activated if you look for trouble in
        the marsh. To fend it off, see (397).
361. Dunno.
362. In "Dungeon Adventure".
363. At the west end of the underwater Crevasse.
364. Norman Tebbit.
365. Insert the Star-Stone into the Gate of Silver. See also (435).
365a. North and West from the Rocky Outcrop.
366. Down and South from the Ravine on the bleak Moor.
367. North of the north Beach, beyond the door.
368. West of the north end of the massive Cave.
369. East of the Underwater Crevasse.
370. Holding the Snowman.
371. It prevents access to the Pyramid. See (396).
372. You need to put out its fire. See (388).
373. Corresponding to the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water, the four
        stones are the Earth-Stone, Sun-Stone, Star-Stone and Mist-Stone. The
        first 8 regions of the game correspond to a repeated sequence of the
        same elements in the same order.
374. From where you enter the Moor, move: N, W, N, N.
375. Eat it. This is really Garlic.
376. One [sic] the south Beach.
377. See (209) for the Grate, and (359) to get the Orchid.
378. North from the Rocky Outcrop in the Desert.
379. Read it. See (193) for more detail on what it means.
380. Curving west of the Orc Tower on the mountainside, it joins the Stairs
        up the Mountainside above and below the tower - bypassing it.
381. The worm gets closer as you move in the desert, but gets further away
        if you do anything else. Thus it can be controlled. See (387).
382. Leading down from the Moor to the Marsh. See (413).
383. In the sun-Dial Cave.
384. South and Up from where you enter the Vampire House.
385. On the Stairs up the Mountainside, above the Orc Tower.
386. Use the keys to unlock the Snowman. Then (395).
387. From the Edge of the Fertile land, move: N, N, N, W, N, LOOK, E, E, E.
        The Worm emerges on the sand below you, while you are safe on the rocky Outcrop. It engulfs the Sphinx.
388. Throw a bottle of water at it.
389. From the Alcove, move: W, N, E, N, N, N, D, D, N.
390. Use the Talisman. See (240).
391. Say Open Sesame.
392. From the north Beach, move: North through the door, W, W, N.
393. Behind the Slab of Rock, north of the Dry Canyon.
394. Wave the Sling to scare the Giant, who remembers what happened to
        Goliath. You need the silver Ball, too.
395. Take the Snowman with you, then go and push the Pile of Rocks.
396. Use the Sandworm to shift it. See (381).
397. Drop or throw something to make ripples and disturb the "reflection".
398. Above the Snowfield.
399. Adventure Quest takes you on a long journey to the Dark Tower, through
        8 different regions. To save unnecessary travel, you are always
        resurrected near the middle of the region where you "died". For
        example, death in the Desert is followed by resurrection near the Oasis
        in the Desert.
400. At the top of the Stalagmite, guarding the Earth-Stone.
401. Blocking the Sheep-Track.
402. As in the rest of the Desert, you get thirsty and need water to drink.
403. Search the Forest, solving the puzzles and locating everything useful.
        Then cross the Desert, and see (411).
404. Give the Sun-Dial to the Priestess and accept the Ruby in return.
405. It's guarded by skeltal [sic] Hands (42) and also by (33). Avoid the
        Quicksand, too. To get through it safely, see (436).
406. Insert the Mist-Stone into the Gate of Glass. See also (435).
407. Have you got the Emerald Eye? See (262).
408. The Spider guards the Earth-Stone. The Sword will keep it at bay
409. On the top of the pinnacle.
410. Smite the Bridge of Stone with the Sword to topple the Balrog into the
411. Solve the secrets of the Orc Tower, Pyramid and Djinn (in roughly this
        order), before entering the Snowman's Cave and exploring the territory
        beyond. See (423).
412. In the Tree in the Forest.
413. From the Cairn-Topped Hill, move: D, S, S, S, S, E, D, D.
414. South of the Glowing Coals.
415. West of the Bridge of Stone.
416. Hide in the Alcove after you've temporarily thwarted the Demon Lord,
        while His Orcs run off to search for you elsewhere.
417. On the Pinnacle, in early versions of this game.
418. You must get rid of the Dragon. See (388).
419. Insert the Earth-Stone into the Gate of Rock. See also (435).
420. You can open it with the trident but, alas, it seems that someone has
        already taken its pearl.
421. In the Dark Tower, above the Gate of Silver.
422. Got the Emerald Eye? See (262).
423. Get the Lung-Fish from the Ledge, ferry everything across the Lake and
        open the door from the north Beach. Get the Sword and Earth-stone
        (twice). Send your valuables to the Black Tower. Then visit the Dragon,
        see (432).
424. Fires leap from the Volcanic Crater to one-third of the locations on
        the path round it each time. They slowly spiral clockwise. See (313).
        There are living fire elementals in Hell-Well, see (246).
425. South of the Dry Canyon.
426. A printer made by Nascom.
427. An assembler produced by Nick.
428. South and East of where you start.
429. Below the Stairs behind the Waterfall.
430. Nothing special happens here.
431. Above the Ramp up the Dark Tower.
432. Down the Volcano, defeat the Balrog and reach the bleak Moor. Visit the
        Cairn-Topped Hill, down to the Marsh and eventually reach the Black
        Tower. From here, it's all up to you!
433. Drop the Staff-of-the-Seasons to produce Food.
434. Half-way up the path round the Volcanic Crater.
435. Each stone matches a gate in the Black Tower (work out which alchemical
        element matches each gate/stone pair).
436. From the Standing Stones, dispel the Shadows and go to the Vampire
        House. See (271). Then, if you take the Boots, you are safe from
437. From where you strart [sic], move: W, W, W, S, S, S.
438. Climb up it.
439. Out of the window takes you to the Dark Tower. Try throwing things.
440. From the Standing Stones, move: E, E, S, S, S, W.
441. This is a very cold place. To keep warm, see (308) or (36).
442. Before you head north across the massive Cave, visit here to chase the
        orc archer away. See also (449).
443. Out and south from the Tower Room of the Vampire House.
444. Across the Bridge of Rope, east of the Ledge along the West Wall.
445. A good place from which to study the Volcanic Crater in safety.
446. Here is the Bane-Fire, see (218).
447. It's 3.30 am. Nearly finished!
448. Drop everything and then climb up it.
449. Visit the Orc Lair after an orc has stolen the Earth-Stone from you.
        The orcs will be all celebrating, so if you avoid their feast hall you
        should have no trouble in retrieving the Stone. See also (419).